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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The issuance of 100 thousand smart card for the displaced


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The issuance of 100 thousand smart card for the displaced

Post by wciappetta on Sat 25 Apr 2015, 6:14 am

Into the banking system they come....

The issuance of 100 thousand smart card for the displaced

4/25/2015 0:00 

BAGHDAD - morning 
revealed the Ministry of Displacement and Migration for distribution of aid with families displaced after the issuance of 100 000 have a smart card. Associate Director of Administrative and Financial Department in the Ministry Faten Shaker Mehdi said in a statement the "morning":

 "The ministry included all the displaced families in the provinces and recorded on the cards according to the database in the immigration offices." She explained Shaker "The relief aid will be distributed among the families displaced by the smart card in order to save the right of all displaced people of food and financial and in-kind assistance," pointing to the inclusion of the newly displaced from Anbar province, grant one million dinars will be disbursed if the transfer of funds from the Ministry of Almalah.

wakdt formation of two Emergency operations and the transfer of aid from the Ministry stores to areas DHULUIYA and Amiriyat Fallujah and the province of Babylon, to aid the displaced urgently ready governing food. It also pointed to "follow the return of displaced families in the cities and districts that settled security, especially after the liberation from the grip of" Daash "terrorist gangs, indicating that the Representation of the ministry in the Kurdistan region will begin this week to issue the displaced residents of smart cards in Alakulaim.fa meantime, confirmed Security Committee, the northern regions in the province of Babylon, the return of 350 families displaced from Anbar province to areas that liberated from terrorists "Daash."

 He said Chairman of the Committee Thamer Zeban in a press statement: "The provisions of the control of the army to most areas in the gray permit, and maintain property citizens led to the return of displaced families 350 families numbering to Anbar province, "adding that" the people of Musayyib spend in Babylon, they provide all humanitarian services to displaced people from food, drink and clothing and furniture, as well as secure their needs in order to return safely to their homes.

 "He pointed Zeban that "most of the displaced families have returned across the corridor hand cliff victory 45 km north of the county seat, and link Avamria Fallujah," stressing that "the way a believer largely by the security forces and the popular crowd and did not remember any security breaches occur." 

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