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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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21 Animal Pictures That Perfectly Capture Your Squad Goals


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21 Animal Pictures That Perfectly Capture Your Squad Goals

Post by Lobo on Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:51 pm

1. When you roll up to a party together:

2. When they respond perfectly after you tell them your crush NEVER EVEN TEXTED BACK:

3. When you’re so close you are openly affectionate with each other:

4. When someone insults a member of your squad:

5. When you pose perfectly for Instagram and look classy af:

6. When you spontaneously re-enact the scene in The Lion King where they look at the stars:

7. When one of you has enough beds at their place to accommodate everyone:

8. When they support you whole-heartedly in everything that you do:

9. When you have a squad look:

“Say something, I dare you.

10. When you’re all independent enough to still do your own thing:
And yet, you always know you got that #SQUAD.

11. When you’re going out — makin’ your way downtown, walkin’ fast:


12. When you become a Lord of the Rings-esque adventure squad:

13. When your squad truly understands teamwork:

14. When you all crash at the same time and have no problem making a massive cuddle line:

15. When your combined coolness makes everyone want to get pictures with you:

16. When your squad embraces the differences of its members:

17. When you have a sleepover and you gossip the whole time:

18. When your squad is so cool it’s ~out of this world~.

19. When you all stay strong the day after your Thursday night out, and rally your way to work:


20. When your crew is so diverse you look like the picture for a college welcome pamphlet:

21. When your whole squad shows their appreciation for you, and you know you’ve got the coolest #Squad around:

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