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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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31 Adorable Animals Who Will Help Start Your Year Off Right


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31 Adorable Animals Who Will Help Start Your Year Off Right

Post by Lobo on Wed 06 Jan 2016, 4:44 pm

31 Adorable Animals Who Will Help Start Your Year Off Right
Just cute animals; nothing more, nothing less.

1. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Here is a squishy puppy face to start things off.

Neville / Cute or Not
Ever so squishy. Ever so nice.

2. And a plump, lil’ hamster butt.

3. Precious baby kitten? You need this in your new year too.

Autumn / Cute or Not

4. Actual, real-life unicorn? Here you go.

Sally / Cute or Not

5. Now is your time to realize that life is too short to not appreciate the chubby cheeks of a very serious goldfish.

6. Now is when you make the REAL resolutions, like meeting as many fluffy dogs as you possibly can.

Cute or Not

7. Or finding your one true cuddle buddy and living your best lives together.

8. And maybe it’s time to let the less fluffy cuties steal your heart! Like this bearded dragon hangin’ with his best friend.

9. And this lil snakie-poo in a tiny paper hat. ADORABLE.

10. Hey. It’s 2016. This is the year you enjoy your life as much as this pup is enjoying that fine sea breeze.

11. And the year you make yourself as proud as this dog with his stick.

12. There’s a wonderful world out there staring you straight in the face.

13. It’s filled with bunnies so fluffy they don’t even seem real.
Honestly, still not convinced this guy is a fake.

14. And puppies who are TINIER than water bottles.

Benji / Cute or Not
So smol. So pure of heart.

15. So when the going gets rough, remember all the cuteness that’s basically just chillin’, waiting for you to appreciate it.

Batman / Cute or Not

16. Need a smile? HERE’S ONE.



19. Oh wait, it’s time to be serious again, according to these kittens.

Biscotto & Latte / Cute or Not

20. This hedgehog is pretty serious too. He just wants to make sure you aren’t taking all this cuteness for granted.

Wendell / Cute or Not

21. Like…how lucky are we to have puppies?

Pudgie / Cute or Not

22. And little kitties who sleep soundly in our arms?

Mia / Cute or Not

23. So far, what with all these cute animals, it looks like your new year isn’t as much of a trainwreck as you thought it might be.

24. Maybe a new start and a chance to shake off the dirt isn’t so bad after all, right?

Cody / Cute or Not

25. And if you’re still feeling a little like this pug, all befuddled and concerned and not ready to leave 2015…

26. Here’s a horse named Harry Trotter, just for kicks.

Harry Trotter / Cute or Not

27. And here is a kitten who is trying to pretend like she’s not obsessively curious about that little goldfish.

28. And for good measure, here’s a sleeping puppy in an itty, bitty sweater.
Puppies in sweaters NEVER disappoint.

29. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this year like you’re a hamster with a snack.

30. Keep all these bunnies and puppies and kitties in the back of your mind for when you’re feeling low.

31. And look forward to the future and the wonderful things it will bring! AND HAVE A HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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