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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    The full text of the word Iraq Arabic Summit 24 in Doha

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    The full text of the word Iraq Arabic Summit 24 in Doha Empty The full text of the word Iraq Arabic Summit 24 in Doha

    Post by Hkp1 Tue 26 Mar 2013, 12:58 pm

    26 March 2013-02: 25 pm

    The full text of the word Iraq Arabic Summit 24 in Doha

    In the name of God the merciful
    Excellencies and Highnesses,

    Secretary-General of the Arabic League
    Excellencies and the your Excellency the presence ...
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God ...

    my name and on behalf of the President of the Republic of Iraq, Mr.
    Jalal Talabani, convey to h.h. the Amir Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and
    the Government of the State of Qatar and the fraternal people of thanks
    for hosting the Summit and the twenty-fourth and Arabic that bridge to
    connect support for joint Arab action and the interests and aspirations
    of the nation their legitimate ambitions and Arabic and future
    aspirations also extend my thanks and appreciation to the Arabic League
    and its Secretary-General, Dr. Nabil Elaraby on efforts made in the
    follow-up to the implementation of the decisions of the Summit and the
    summits that preceded it.

    Excellencies and GCC

    Iraq has played
    through his chairmanship of the twenty-third session its
    responsibilities under major challenges and developments in our Arabic
    and the attendant fallout necessitated the provision of suitable
    climates for dialogue and to avoid violence, chaos and interfere in the
    Affairs of Arabic States, inspired by article 8 of the Arabic League
    Charter, which States as follows:

    Respect of each of the States
    participating in the University system in the other League and considers
    it the right and undertakes not to change that system.

    And the
    Government of the Republic of Iraq has sought diligently, and to
    implement the foreign policy of Iraq in creating positive relationships
    and constructive system with our Arab brothers in addition to ensuring
    implementation of the decisions emanating from the Summit to take the
    lead in bridging across serious contributions and positive initiatives
    that serve the Arabic issues.

    And has adopted an action plan to
    enable the Presidency of Iraq Arabic during a year where several
    international meetings and conferences and some of the decisions of the
    Arab Summit and others came to the Iraqi initiative promotes
    implementation of these decisions and follow up service for joint Arab
    action and I am here to introduce briefly some of what has been
    accomplished during this session:

    1. the written constitutions in
    the Arab States in Cairo on 5/12/2012, for the benefit of the Iraqi
    experience in this area, at the initiative of the Republic of Iraq under
    the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Arabic League,
    especially since most of the Arab spring writing stages of democratic

    2-International Conference of solidarity with the
    Palestinian detainees and prisoners and Arabs in Israeli jails for the
    period of 11-12/12/2012. This is the opinion of the Conference
    participants and the General Secretariat of the League of the most
    successful conferences in Arabic this connection to activate and move
    prisoners internationally where attended by over two hundred and fifty
    from seventy. It is appropriate here to recall the need for
    contributions to the Arab Fund to support Palestinian prisoners and
    rehabilitation. The Conference recommended that Baghdad and Iraq has
    donated $ 2 million beginning

    3. the first Arab Conference for
    the development of a culture of legal awareness and national from 10
    12/3/2013 in Baghdad under the auspices of the Ministry of State for
    House of representatives

    4. the activation of the Statute of the Arab Parliament on 19/3/2013 in Baghdad.

    in Baghdad for the fourth meeting of the Arab Ministerial water Council
    at the ministerial level on 29/5/2012 in preparation for the convening
    of the first Arab Conference on water held on 30-31/5/2012.

    6-second Conference of the Arab housing Ministers for the period 18-20/12/2012 in Baghdad.

    7-embrace the Baghdad meeting (24) of the Council of Arab Environment Ministers for the period 24-25/12/2012.

    8-Arabic Bank Conference hosted in January 2013

    meeting of Secretaries-General of national commissions for education,
    culture and science in the Arab world in Baghdad for the period

    10. commemoration of the Baghdad Arabic capital of
    culture for 2013 to 23-25/3/2013 under the auspices of the Ministry of
    culture. in addition to these initiatives and proposals it has made Iraq
    during his presidency to provide material assistance and in kind to
    some of our Arab brothers and over one hundred and fifteen million. also
    visited an Iraqi delegation to Comoros in October 2012 and the State of
    Somalia in January 2013, comprising representatives of several Iraqi
    ministries including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the needs of
    both countries for the purpose of The contribution of some projects in

    Excellencies and GCC.

    Take the opportunity of this
    meeting place tightly between fraternal precious set of proposals, I
    wish to receive your interest the most important:

    1. work on the
    formation of an Arab Security Council shall resolve our security
    problems, according to a formula agreed upon by the Arabic States
    qualify to approach the whole Arab security issues and the Arab House is
    a comprehensive framework of reference which shall resolve all the
    difference lies in our own midst away from foreign intervention because
    the Arabs themselves are better and better able to resolve their issues
    and problems that the nation stands on soft fragile not withstand shocks
    and challenges and not suitable to be a solid platform of fraternity or
    the prosperity Otherwise, the experience of the past decades confirmed
    to us the futility of international solutions to our problems and our
    difficulties and their inability to repel aggression from us and from
    here we must entrench ourselves of influences and alliances and
    international transactions that do not take into account the interests
    of our peoples and ensure them so the composition of the Security
    Council is a practical response to the indifference of our international
    and our own crises that plague our existence and threaten our stability
    and cripple the project development in our countries and we will remain
    hostage to us does not mean that it is not available for contact with
    and heal the deep meaning of the More our respective wounds or treat our
    ulcers which make us in it blame us when he praises Allah, when friend
    and our enemy

    2.-we propose a temporary transfer of the Arab Parliament from Damascus to Baghdad until the situation stabilizes in Syria

    activation of the establishment of the Centre for the study of
    international law and the proposed secretariat book no. 1749 on
    21/1/2013 notes that our mission in Cairo had approached the Secretariat
    of the League of the Arabic States

    4. put the top priority
    agenda for the next address the issues of climate change and dwindling
    natural resources with the need to find ways and mechanisms for further
    development and future protection and to ensure that the Arabic States
    more secure and appropriate changes in line with the developed nations
    of the world programmes for the protection of its citizens.

    activate the proposal establishing a Conference victory of the city of
    Jerusalem and its possible in the face of the Israeli aggression against
    the Holy places, particularly the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is certainly
    that Jerusalem is an integral part of the Palestinian territories and
    that all actions undertaken by the Israeli occupation authorities
    legally void and do not entail any change in the legal status of the
    city as an occupied city.

    6-invitation to an Arab Conference of
    donor States and organizations includes Arabic and focus on tackling the
    causes of poverty in the Arabic States that suffer from this problem to
    achieve Millennium goals goal 1 (eradicate extreme poverty and hunger)

    the convening of joint meetings between the Council of Arab Ministers
    of the Interior and the Arab Justice Ministers to follow up the
    implementation of the resolutions of the Arabic League and discuss the
    idea of a draft resolution urging States to ratify the conventions
    Arabic Arabic on counter-terrorism and security cooperation and the
    fight against organized crime and to intensify bilateral security
    cooperation between States Arabic through agreements for the exchange of
    security information and the fight against money laundering and
    organized crime and working to staunch the financial and intellectual

    8. support the efforts of national reform efforts by
    many countries to Arabic to expand political participation and
    pluralism, achieving sustainable development and social balance, in
    addition to strengthening the role of civil society organizations in
    order to address the conditions that foster extremism and terrorism. in
    addition to the establishment of a Fund for the support and assistance
    of the Arabic countries, economies to adopt early warning mechanisms for
    extremist movements and crisis management and to improve their
    capabilities in dealing with crises and terrorist activities that the
    secretariat determine the contribution mechanism It should encourage the
    holding of conferences and forums to promote intercultural dialogue
    between religions, to enshrine the values of tolerance and of human
    coexistence on the grass-roots level as well as providing basic
    knowledge of civilizations and religions and raise public awareness of
    the dangers of terrorism and extremism through the media and school

    9. the activation of the Arab Water Council and the
    Arabic States urged to adopt a unified stance towards the headwaters of
    rivers that originate from outside the Arab world and its mutual
    recognition of rights and the right to equitable joint water investment
    all of them stressing the importance of Arab water security strategy to
    address future challenges and implementation mechanisms comma with the
    Arab Centre for the studies of arid zones and dry lands. This certainly
    cannot fail to notify Baghdad of all its hard position with reminders of
    the crisis in our sister Syria of supporting the legitimate aspirations
    of the Syrian people and build a political and peaceful solution to the
    crisis that Syria supported and rejected foreign intervention and we
    reaffirm our full support for the efforts of the UN and Arab Envoy
    (Lakhdar Brahimi) to resolve the crisis peacefully.

    Excellencies and GCC.

    the time Iraq welcomes the accession of the State of Palestine observer
    (non-Member State) in the United Nations, reaffirms its full support
    for the Palestinian cause and work for the establishment of a
    Palestinian State, and we congratulate the brotherly people of Tunisia
    with the formation of the new Government and we wish it success in its
    tasks and reiterate our support and our support. Iraq confirms support
    for Arabic in the aspirations of the peoples and their aspirations for
    democracy, freedom and social justice and establish equitable systems
    her away from tyranny and oppression and servitude. Finally, we
    acknowledge the Secretariat of State of Qatar sister hope that we have
    succeeded to fulfil our obligations and certain rights of our nation, we
    affirm Iraq's Arabic people and Government to promote love and
    brotherhood and cooperation between Iraq and its Arab brothers and its
    full support to the ambitions and aspirations of the Arab people's
    issues and Iraq's readiness to provide all could contribute to directing
    the March Arabic compass towards progress and stability And enjoy
    democracy and prosperity.

    And every nation and Arabic well.And God bless.

    Thank you and peace, mercy and blessings of God.

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