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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The independence of the capital barricaded banks


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The independence of the capital barricaded banks

Post by rocky on Mon 18 Jan 2016, 3:06 am

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1/18/2016 0:00 
 BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi 
 said specialist affairs banking need to separate administration from the capital the fact that it contributes to the provision of liquidity and meet withdrawal requests in case depositors decided to withdraw their money from private banks, pointing to the importance of taking the right decision with a plan to save in the event of a liquidity squeeze what protects those banks from collapse. 
He said Dr. Essam Mahouelle in an interview for »Sabah» that the right of public depositors claim the bank to refund surplus money to them at their request and not to postpone the payment process. 
stressing the need for non-interference by the owner of the bank in the everyday things of the Bank's work, which Malaijos him, explaining that it is an act against the central bank instructions that prevent the President of the Board of Directors of interference in daily choosy Bank. 
and the importance of a sound financial planning by a dedicated staff in the bank, pointing to the need for care to gain the trust of the largest customers the bank, whether they are companies or individuals and caution in the act with them and attention not to withdraw all their funds from the bank of a sudden, and in the case of nagging should be on the bank to find bumpers and protective of the collapse, including resort to installments, for example, which would limit the significant lack of liquidity. 
He Mahouelle that he is not allowed any commercial bank carry out investments Real Estate indirect never because the deposits of the bank which is under demand should not be directed to real estate investments, as it may falter repay the taxpayer the amount from the bank what exacerbates the dilemma. 
and the issuance of letters of guarantee and the opening of letters of credit measures, said the concerned that it must be insurance appropriate by decision by the administration and not the owner prevents the bank's claims in some quarters the performance of speeches, noting the importance of granting loans to a class of the public be guaranteed payment such as employees and entrepreneurs. 
 He noted the importance of the Central do its part as a last resort in cases such as this, as it did central banks in other countries.

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