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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Market Talk – January 25th, 2016


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Market Talk – January 25th, 2016

Post by Lobo on Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:48 pm

Market Talk – January 25th, 2016

Posted on January 25, 2016 by Martin Armstrong

Asia’s response to the late US rally in stocks was to play catch-up this morning with all core Indices closing up around 1%; roughly where they opened. The ASX followed the surge in oil prices with a gain of almost 2%. Rumors around the market that the BOJ has further easing plans helped sentiment, at least the thinking is positive. As the day progresses oil is once again flirting with the psychological $30 mark and so we are watching Asian futures down around 1.5% across the board! All core European indices opened firmer but drifted into the close. With all core recording losses the mood to take into the US afternoon was anything but positive and so as oil drifted – equities followed. Banks in Europe and the US were some of the biggest losers today with BNP -3%, Lloyds -5.6%, Deutsche Bank -5.5% and Goldman in the States -3.6%.
Although we did see a $12 ($1108 +1.1%) rally in Gold the flight to safety was not that evident in the US Treasury market where 10yr closed 2.00%. Late in the day we did see buyers appear taking the yield from 2.04% down to close 2% but volumes were thin and the front end was rather slow to follow. 2’s closed almost unchanged on the day (0.86%) with 5’s 2bp lower (1.44%) and 30’s 2.79% (-4bp).
There is an on-going concern that the “On the Runs” (the most current issues) are the only liquid instrument around and so the spreads between “on” and “off” are increasing. This will become a bigger problem further down the road so we will write more on this in due course.
German Bunds played in a rather tight range closing 1bp lower at 0.47%. 10yr US/Germany closes +153bp. 10yr Italy (BTP) closes this evening 1.56%. As we approach some interesting times we shall also include Greece (10yr closed 9.04%), Turkey (10.75%) and UK (10yr closed 1.68%).
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