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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Congress Mosul welcome American troops occupied the city in 2003, and expect the deployment of three

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Congress Mosul welcome American troops occupied the city in 2003, and expect the deployment of three Empty Congress Mosul welcome American troops occupied the city in 2003, and expect the deployment of three

Post by day dreamer on Tue 26 Jan 2016, 11:47 pm

01/27/2016 (00:01 pm)

[ltr]Congress Mosul welcome American troops occupied the city in 2003, and expect the deployment of three thousand soldiers [/ltr]

[rtl] [/rtl] Baghdad / Wael grace

[ltr]The band will not face 101 of the US military, a special task force, sniper operations or bombing, such as those faced 13 years ago, when commissioned, led by General David Petraeus, the occupation of Mosul in 2003 and remained there until mid-2005.
Experts see the repercussions of control Daash the second largest Iraqi city, it led to the change convinced the people of Mosul on US forces. 
It is likely that the strength of the band 101, soon spread on the outskirts of Mosul, dividing the border with Syria to isolate regulatory Daash in the two countries. In Anbar, a former military official expects that the US elite forces involved in the restoration of the rest of the towns of Anbar, which is still, however, "Daash", certain that the force will not only air strikes on border operations.
Since the fall of Mosul, in the summer of 2014, Washington has refused to get involved in a new land war, and is committed to providing logistical support and training forces Alaracah.lkn Iraqi political parties to confirm that the United States plans to intervene Priya way for am embarrassed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and not just of the ire of the crowd the popular opposition to the presence of foreign. 
He said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, the end of last week, that the international coalition to use "ground forces" to separate "the Iraqi theater of the Syrian theater," Speaking from the liberalization of the city of Mosul. 
On the other hand one of the members of the parliamentary security committee was likely that the band of US 101 stationed in Kuwait with the task of separating Daash Daash Syria from Iraq.
Back to Mosul 
And there is no accurate figures on the size of the American force, which is talking about the near deployed in Iraq. But Razak al-Haidari, a member of the Badr parliamentary bloc said (range), that "according to the leaks is expected to be the band number 101 more than 3000 element" In turn expected Abdulrahman Alloizi, MP for Nineveh, in connection with the (range), have " size of the force as much as a full military band. " 
The total census band forces 101st Airborne, about 18 thousand soldiers during the withdrawal from Mosul in June 2005, and handed over the security file in the northern city to "Stryker Brigade". 
The use of these Airborne Division in Mosul invasion in the 2003 war, after the Turkish government refused to allow US troops to pass through its territory.  Is no longer in front of the US military, at the time, no choice but to use portable air force in the occupation of Mosul. 
And subjected to force violent attacks in Mosul, the track lost many of its elements. And picked up a US reports, then, reported cases of outbreaks Alaktiat suffered by the elements of the band because of the long presence in that region without switching.
But Alloizi MP Abdul Rahman, who lives nearby town of Mosul, believes that "this time it will be different and will not Aaatardhat facing US forces as they were 13 years ago."  And asserts that "look people in Mosul have changed after all those years, Fdaash made them want salvation in any way."
Preferably MP for Nineveh "The US forces are based of that role," referring to the liberation of the city from Daash.  And he asserts that "the scene in Mosul hold larger after the intervention of Turkish troops," adding that "US forces will be a guarantor of the lack of qualifying ethnic or demographic change."
Why constipation border? 
And about the US strategy in Iraq change from police training to deploy ground forces, Alloizi attribute it to "wild Tketek is American intervention without raising sensitivity factions of the popular crowd, which refuses presence or embarrass the prime minister Haider al-Abadi."  And he asserts that "US forces have previous experience, and know now how they move without raising sensitivities". 
Aagvl and a member of the Union of the role of the forces currently ongoing understandings with respect to the Syrian file and the United States' role in it. He says, "In those talks, involving international parties such as Russia and the European Union, Washington wants to gain leverage the presence of troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria," referring to the Anbar that talked about the landing of US troops at an airport near the Syrian Raqqa city. 
But Attorney Razak al-Haidari said that "the United States gradually military intervention in Iraq to send advisers and then talk about the trainers and special forces to land intervention". He believes that "Washington entered the net to return its troops did not enter the door directly."
He expresses a member of the Badr bloc fears of US political and military control of Iraq after the decision to increase its intervention.  And it warns that "the United States of bias begins to political parties at the expense of another and prepare different political period with the help of a new Iraqi forces." 
The role of the Americans in Anbar 
It is expected military adviser in Anbar post 101st in the liberation of the rest of the cities that are still under the control of Daash. 
DLF sees Kubaisi, in an interview with the (range), that "the strengthening of Iraqi forces, additional troops will increase the ability to edit and white and wet-based militants." 
And approaching Iraqi forces, backed Anbar tribes, from the Edit gray full control of the town after Alsjarih east of Ramadi, despite the violent resistance of militants Daash.oicol military adviser, "we will need to cut supplies are most on the border with Syria through the deployment of ground troops because the cover Air is not enough on its own. "
The attention of the former mayor of Ramadi that "the voices that oppose the US presence in Anbar dropped because of what I did Daash". 
Muhammad was Karbouli MP Anbar said that the invitation Sunni forces to the deployment of US forces in the province are not legitimize a new occupation, but for "correction Washington to the chaos created in Iraq after 2003," the US military .okhosr more than 1,000 troops in battles against al-Qaida in Anhanbar between 2004 -2007. 
For his part, Abdul Aziz Hassan, a member of the parliamentary security committee that "US forces Stenstr says because of an invitation from the Sunni forces."
And see the MP for the Kurdistan Union, in connection with the (range), that "the expansion of the alliance and the efforts against Daash payment of US troops to Ntcher ground forces."
Shiite rejection
He says Rubaie, parliamentary and former adviser for national security, said that "the security agreement between Iraq and the United States do not allow them to deploy ground troops." 
The well-known Shiite opposition parties to the American presence in Iraq, most notably the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, has hinted at the possibility of resorting to "force" to bring out what it calls "new occupation", if that force entered without government approval. 
He advised al-Rubaie, during an interview with the (range), and US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to "retreat from his remarks" about the deployment of the force 101. He said that he "is not allowed him to do so" option .ohdd member of the Commission on Security Parliamentary on "The Iraqi government also is authorized to enter foreign forces without the consent of the parliament. "
A spokesman for the citizen Habib Terminal parliamentary bloc said that "Parliament has not received a request from the government so far, calling for the deployment of US troops in Iraq."

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Congress Mosul welcome American troops occupied the city in 2003, and expect the deployment of three Empty Re: Congress Mosul welcome American troops occupied the city in 2003, and expect the deployment of three

Post by Neno on Wed 27 Jan 2016, 3:46 am

Can't believe they are going to send troops back in, isn't that the opposite of what Obama said.

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