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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Association of Banks


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Association of Banks

Post by rocky on Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:55 am

Association of Banks

Author: Yasser incumbent

01/27/2016 0:00

Represented the visit of a delegation of Arab Banks Union to Iraq under the chairmanship of Secretary General Wissam Fattouh, a positive turning point in the history of the Iraqi Arab banking relationships, which is the second in two months on the third Banking Conference later, and reflects the interest of the Arab countries in the Iraqi market and Taoelha on investment opportunities in spite of the financial crisis this event asphyxiating. Caught my attention signals sent by Fattouh, during a press conference, accompanied by bitter melon after signing a memorandum of cooperation between banks and the Union Association, which crystallized after the bilateral meetings held by the delegation with the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance, impressions about the government's response represented by monetary and fiscal Balsulttin Conference recommendations aimed at achieving banking reforms. He told as suggested by Fattouh his call for the expansion of the Iraqi Special converts it to an association of banks and the Association of Banks in order to government banks and all banks operating join in the country.

I can promise this proposal as one of the means banking reform and step leading on the road to create a genuine partnership between government and private banks, and the reason this description lies passage Henk everyone that the gap between the public sector and the private sector in the field of possession and use of modern technology and following the implementation of international standards, where government banks remained behind in this area, while the private banks, which has made ​​great strides. This gap led to the reluctance of the required reforms in keep pace with developments in the world, so I find in the Assembly the right opportunity to benefit from the close cooperation programs that contribute to the development of human capacity at the hands of Arab experts Tstkdmanm Association.

The move comes at a time when banks are preparing for the implementation of development loan program which fired by the central bank, where private banks cut strides in the field of training to ensure the success of the program in public banks at a standstill and find it difficult to force the exception of TBI tbi, hence the importance of the accession of all banks in the Assembly proposed.

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