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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Is the world lost $ 10 trillion of equity in 2016?


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Is the world lost $ 10 trillion of equity in 2016?

Post by rocky on Sun 31 Jan 2016, 8:03 am

Is the world lost $ 10 trillion of equity in 2016?

Independent) .. financial markets for shares in the world has seen in January 2106 the worst performance month since 2009, a loss estimated by specialists at about $ 10 trillion, despite the closure of the international stock markets in the last January days are high, but they were preparing something a lot of losses Yet this remains conflicting figures on loss estimates, which deepens the sense of crisis that could hit the global economy again.
It is estimated that the total global stock losses amounted to about $ 7 trillion, at least during the first three weeks of the month, while others went on to estimate that the losses exceed $ 10 trillion, according to the Economic Daily.
Said Wendy John competent financial analysis in the London Stock Exchange: There is still no final figure on the total global stock market losses in the month of January, and the S & P, which tracks global stock performance has risen during the past two weeks, but this was not enough to offset the first two weeks of losses January, which totaled US stock market alone at $ 2.5 trillion when he reached the value of the stock to its lowest level. "
He said specialists are others that number ten trillion dollars may be exaggerated, and that the total loss is not the standard or the problem, but what will result from the repercussions.
For his part, Dr. Tom Nelson said specialist in the field of performing bourses Analysis: has agreed with the logic of the difficulty of establishing definitive and accurate number on global stock markets losses, especially that a large part of those losses is more sophisticated than tangible material losses.
The accusations of a lack of transparency in China's stock market is almost disappear in light of the inclusion of the yuan in the SDR basket of the International Monetary Fund, and the increasing number of international investors in the Chinese stock market. If we are convinced that the figure announced by China officially that the losses in January amounted to about $ 1.8 trillion - which is probably true - the total losses in the global stock markets will not be more than four trillion dollars, because most of the massive slump occurred in China, particularly in the first half of this month, while the second half saw a state of fluctuation between the rise and fall in stock prices , I think the highs are relatively compensated losses if not abolished. "

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