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Saleh al-Mutlaq: partition plan began to take his footsteps in Iraq


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Saleh - Saleh al-Mutlaq: partition plan began to take his footsteps in Iraq  Empty Saleh al-Mutlaq: partition plan began to take his footsteps in Iraq

Post by rocky on Fri 05 Feb 2016, 6:55 am

Saleh al-Mutlaq: partition plan began to take his footsteps in Iraq 


Saleh al-Mutlaq said in a televised statement, that "Iraq needs to address the project division," calling on Arab states to shoulder the historic responsibility and "addressing the project sectarianism and division before it is too late."
"The partition plan began to take his footsteps in Iraq," calling on all Iraqi people to "generally the doors of the division stand." Mutlaq and saw that the "killings and kidnappings in Baghdad and some provinces one partition plan signs," stressing that "build a fence Baghdad is dangerous for the country and divides it."
He said that "what is happening now under the government of the problem of the majority of the National Alliance, plan to change the demographic, do not imagine that the government is absent from this matter." "The trenching should be put on the political rather than individually, and we hear from the media only," stressing that "This is very dangerous."
He said al-Mutlaq "of demanding division will bear the shame and curse by the Iraqis and the history and the future, whether the National Alliance or coalition forces."
For his part, announced the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament member Mohammad al-Karbouli reservations about the Baghdad security fence project, which began the Baghdad Operations Command to implement it.
Karbouli said in a press statement on Thursday, "We are with the strengthening of the security of the capital, Baghdad, but to strengthen the security must not be at the expense of Anbar province or Babylon or other provinces of Iraq."
A member of the Union of Forces for Anbar province, that "the adoption of a strategy trenching and fencing cities under the pretext of terrorism indicates the absence of visions and security plans and indicates shortcomings in professional performance and jeopardize intelligence work and establish security for states and opens the door to the demographic conflict between the people of one nation and partners earth."
He warned Karbouli that "a security trench in Baghdad embark line for the implementation of the scheme to cut off part of Anbar province and attached to Baghdad and Babylon-style trench Peshmerga in Mosul and Kirkuk, and thus be in front of serious attempts to governments of Baghdad and the region in the formulation of the division of Iraq's borders, which is why we are forced to accept Recruitment foreign ground troops to Anbar, Salaheddin, Nineveh and Diyala belt Baghdad and northern Babil and Kirkuk to release it from Daash terrorist gangs and militias brazen and the declaration of the establishment of the Sunni territory, similar to Kurdistan region and the central Region and the south. "
He called the presidency of parliament agreed to host the leaders of the Baghdad Operations and Anbar to determine the dimensions of the goals and objectives of the project Wall of Baghdad, security, demanding political partners to "take responsibility for maintaining the unity of Iraq (if they are serious) or proceed in a historic settlement that will guarantee the rights of all and keeps the remaining of the fabric Iraqi.
The head of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary Chuird Hassan al-Hamdani, the British Ambassador Frank Baker, on the issue of the return of the Arab role in Iraq and strengthen its relations with the Arabian Ocean.
Hamdani said during the meeting, according to a statement his office today, to "victories achieved by the Iraqi army recently," and called to "support national reconciliation efforts and internal harmony in the country, and to put pressure on Turkey to withdraw its troops from Iraq."
He called for a regional conference in the presence of the United Nations and member states of the UN Security Council in order to get out resolute decisions towards international peace and return the balance to the region.

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