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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Call for practical Islam!


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Call for practical Islam!

Post by rocky on Fri 19 Feb 2016, 2:06 pm

Call for practical Islam! .. |Episode IV |

 Ghalib Shabandar 

Call to Islam practical goodness and blessing, it's an invitation to the ATD, and an ambulance needy, and Jabr broken, warm invitation process, inviting the process immediately, call the process of reduced time and accelerates well, inviting the rapid achievement, rescue ready ... perhaps they say: Why is this call ? is not there from the charity, and there are those who support, and from there help? this is a call does not make sense, nor unnecessary ... and we say: No ...that the invitation to the practical means to convert to Islam, a culture, a culture that says there was an Islam is Islam practical, which means such and such, and calls for such and such ... encourage people to engage it, and to enroll Bjmayate Charitable Statistics, Ptedeid employed him, to develop physical Omkanthm in the treasury, to participate in his contributions, in the presence of his activities ... that the practice of Islam should turns into the idea of the project ... ... work ... does not leave the jurisprudence of individual spontaneous ... ... fleeting. it has to be regulation, but the simple organization that is in harmony with the simplicity of practical Islam, accelerates contributions and not being delayed, brings people to the idea The project will not alienate people and keep them away, the normal regulation, far from the bureaucracy and the artificiality and inflation artificially, regulation that reduces media, nor hold achievement, and resolve disputes in the simplest and least pantry. religious authority and practical Islam that the biggest supporter can have a demonstration project of Islam is the religious authority honest, operate it through its agents believers all over the country, people and urges him, in accordance with, and Antsaba, the contribution and support, but will it be wonderful if embraced the religious authority project practical Islam, project Statistics charities, project local achievements, project regionalism solutions, hard the people of the region, traders, Mwalimoha, engineers, scientists, intelligentsia, earned ... that the demonstration project Islam hope, hope for the needy, the hope of the poor, who have no hope of a breadwinner for them, not their father, not mother them, not for them ... Naseer project plain, simple, modest, but productive, generous, product, then it enters the camp or the region in the context of the competition for good, which is encouraging because the results of concrete, tangible, far from suspicions, far from the questions suspicious, the best invitation to the Almighty God. Iraq today! Iraqna day bad need for a demonstration project of Islam, a project local charities, a project of cooperation between the people of this region or that, to clean up this street or that, for the relief of this child or that, to support the unemployed or the other, to open the home pharmacy for the needy or that, to open the simple operating areas, to adopt the principle of micro-credit provided to run, for the repair of this school or that, for the prosecution of this phenomenon deviant or that, simple projects, tools simple, geographical area of simple, ambitions are simple ... We hope by reference precious to take the initiative for such a the project good giving, to be a priority, of its tasks, the mission, a project the efforts of the people, the people with money, people management, not only on the reference honest guidance and support and payment, and God bless.

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