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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Precautionary measures to prevent money laundering


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Precautionary measures to prevent money laundering

Post by rocky on Mon 22 Feb 2016, 4:21 am

Precautionary measures to prevent money laundering

2/22/2016 0:00

The package of measures and policies to support private sector axes

Axis V: a set of proposed legislation supporting guarantees for economic reform in the areas (agricultural, industrial, commercial, finance, and services) through (30) trend carried through the issuance or amendment of bills and ceiling timeframe extends until the end 2017. the work was done in 2015 (5) approaches them, and set out in detail in the Appendix (1). Below and include in the draft laws to be adopted in the sectors mentioned and as follows:

1. Agricultural sector

• Legislation unified law includes cancel a series of laws and procedures and amendments to the agricultural laws and the issuance of a comprehensive and unified law.

• Amendment investment law legislation that guarantees freedom and attract investors in the agricultural field.

• enact a law criminalizing bulldozed orchards, especially palm groves as well as non-use of arable land for purposes Accommodation.

• amendment Act 42 of 1987 in order to weigh the interests of the peasants and farmers and private acts of reclamation and the unification of agricultural property. 2. Insurance sector • enact a law to ensure the health and insurance. • reconsider the compulsory insurance of motor vehicle accidents Act (Act 52 of 1980, as amended). • reconsider the law regulating insurance business for the year 2005 to change harmful sector and fee ordinances clear policy to reduce the percentage of the insurance premiums that leaks out Iraq. 3 for sale. The commercial sector • Amending the law of export subsidies and work on the new legislation. • Amending Article 49 of the Customs Act. • enact a law for the protection of intellectual property. • Revising and updating traders Act. 4 for sale. Finance • legislation of a special law funds financing. • Issuing a restructuring of government Banking Act. • work to establish a body at the state level, to follow the movement of capital in order to reduce the money and smuggled washing process, and contribute directly to the fight against financial and administrative corruption. • Issuing law regulating the work of investment funds. • modifying the Banking Act in line with the current stage and future. • issuing a special law development banks, which can not be regarded as commercial banks. • issuance of Islamic Banking Act. • issuance of the deposit Insurance Act. • issuance of the loan guarantee law. • modifying the companies Act with respect to banks by allowing them to invite the General Assembly's annual meeting if the Iraqi Central Bank approval of the final accounts and the candidates of the board of Directors and the Registrar of companies notice this without having to get approval. . 5. The industrial sector • Legislation Other new laws to move to a market economy, labor law, Registration of Companies Act and urged the government to implement these laws. • Legislation retired law rewarding workers and mixed the private sector to promote employment for admission to employment in the private sector and reduce government employment. • enact a law to exempt projects Industrial from taxes and fees for a period of not less than five years after rehabilitation. • complete the legislation of small enterprises special law and the Council of her. • speed up the enactment and implementation of industrial estates law. 6. Services sector • accelerate the legislation of the Communications Act to regulate the management and responsibility of the sector and the legislation of the Ministry of Communications Act. • creation of a Directorate General for private education in the Ministry of Higher Education to enhance the potential of supervision and follow-up on the civil universities. • establish a national council to ensure reliability. • legislation of a special law the bank code. sixth axis: simplification of procedures to ensure (14) approach implemented through a set of procedures and ceiling timeline runs until 2018 with respect to the service centers, with a statement that the committee in charge of this work has been completed to document procedures (930) service offered by the various ministries, according to the planned stages and schedule subject to them. The work was done in 2015 (6) approaches them, and set out in detail in the Appendix (1). And include in below these trends, as follows: • complete data for services and transactions collected from various government departments, according to the following priorities: ● the most impact on the lives of citizens. ● most disruptive to move the economy. ● most collection of revenue. • Data analysis. • legal review of the requirements and procedures for completion treatment and service provided and the counting of the legal basis, according to its kind: (laws, regulations, instructions, contexts .. etc.) and marking the actual need to keep every measure of whether or not to recommend to the party that has the power to lift or modify the legal basis when needed. • approve the necessary amendments to the simplification of procedures ( changing contexts recommendation to change the instructions and procedures). • study and approve necessary to simplify the procedures and legal amendments. • formation of the Commission on simplification of procedures to follow Anjazparwa unified national card within the timetables and the removal of barriers to accomplish sub-teams. • formation of sub-teams to follow the completion of pilot projects for electronic services the following: ● project registered national and foreign companies. ● project retirement body. ● project field teams to accomplish the families of martyrs transactions. • completion of the electronic window to information services (Start your transaction from your house). • formation of sub-teams to review the fees and charges and costs related to each service and submit proposals for its amendment : increase, reduce, cancel, develop .. according to the quality of service of social, economic, and compared with the cost the completion of these services in the rest of the world and their impact. • display projects «service centers» in cities to help conducting transactions and electronic services for citizens who have the possibility of using electronic services are not available to them in direct. • inventory and assessment of e-services currently available in the various ministries and provide a road map for the completion of e-governance projects. • start projects e-services leadership to move the economy in accordance with the principle of paid-for services and through investment, such as: ● record: This includes company registration, registration of patents and registration of projects agricultural and industrial. ● financing: involves lending small and medium enterprises window. ● rehabilitation: to provide training opportunities for employment. ● documented: private transfer of government documents to digital formats and provide windows to check rather than the health of the breasts currently used formats which cause a significant delay transactions. • formation of sub-teams to train cadres and personnel departments are streamlining procedures in accordance with the rules and new contexts. • formation of sub-teams to follow up the implementation of the simplified procedures and marking of obstacles and propose realistic solutions to implement them.

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