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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The return of five thousand Euro in the ranks Daash to their countries


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The return of five thousand Euro in the ranks Daash to their countries

Post by rocky on Sat Feb 27, 2016 5:48 am

The return of five thousand Euro in the ranks Daash to their countries

 translation: Range 

Between 3-5 thousand so - called foreign fighters - the Europeans who have beentrained in Daash camps in Iraq and Syria - have returned to Europe and make up a new challenge, as the continental police chief Rob Wainwright. 
He says Wainwright , warning of the possibility of a Daash attacks in Europe , "Europe is currently facing the greatest terrorist threat over a decade. We expect that the Daash or other terrorist groups to launch an attack somewhere in Europe with a view to therhythm of the largest number of casualties among civilians. " 
but he nonetheless refused to link the escalation of the terrorist threat unprecedented crisis continued refugees, refuted scattered widely assumptions that terrorists infiltrating under the guise of seeking asylum, where he says "there is no strong evidence that terrorists are using waves of refugees to enter Europe without undiscovered one." 
over the past month, through Liam Fox , the British defense secretary , former fears of terrorist infiltration to EU countries with the asylum seekers, he says that " the southern European countries , which crosses them refugees are not aware of whether they were displaced or asylum seekers or immigrants or terrorists working under these names." 
reinforced these concerns after the German domestic intelligence confirmed in February it received more than 100 tip alleging that militants Daash demonstrators entered the country as refugees. This news prompted a further discussion on the EU 's policy on immigration. 
In the past year confirmed James Comey Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before the US Congress that terrorists Daash got a single print machine at least to provide their fighters passports Syrian official - looking, and they are believed to have seized on this machine after the attack on the Syrian city ofDeir ez - Zor. This has raised fears of a possible falsification of large numbers of identities and documents, where they found Joizin Syrian forgers at the site of the Paris attacks , which killed 130 people in the month ofNovember last and is believed to have belonged to the suicide bombers who arrived in Europe via refugee ways. 
In February, threw Security agency Russian arrested 14 members of the gang had been visiting immigration extremists Daash heading to Syria and plans to implement a radical terrorist activities in Russia. 
According to the report of the Institute for Economics and peace for global terrorism . Since the start of themilitary conflict in Syria in 2011, arrived five European thousands among Daash to their countries.

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