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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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America unveils its latest "B21" bomber aircraft


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America unveils its latest "B21" bomber aircraft

Post by rocky on Sun 28 Feb 2016, 7:09 am

America unveils its latest "B21" bomber aircraft

WASHINGTON - Iraq Press - February 28: it revealed US Secretary of the Air Force Deborah James, for the first picture of the long - range bombers of the production company "Northrop Grumman", dubbed "B21".

James has offered technical drawing for the first launcher provided with tapered secret bombs during the forum 's annual air show, organized by the Air Force union, adding that the new fighter plane name will be chosen in a competition among members of the Union.

The program was taken in secrecy from the start for fear of disclosure of military secrets to potential enemies and avoid any of the competitors on the details of any kind before refusing grievances earlier last week.

And won the "Northrop" contract worth $ 80 billion in October (last October) to develop and manufacture 100 new launcher, but work on the plane was delayed for months after her federal scrutiny views in the eyes of grievances "Boeing" and another company competition is "Lockheed Martin".

The "Boeing" It would not advance any grievance Last either the Office of the US Government Accountability or in front of the federal courts. He promised the US Air Force to disclose more information on the new aircraft in March (March) after pressure from members of Congress and retired officers in the Air Force.

Having overcome the legal grievances stage, still in front of the program obstacles in Congress, as chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate , John McCain said in the first of yesterday that he will prevent the use of any contract the Air Force high value of the launcher long - term because the government would bear the additional costs.

According to the Air Force that the engineering and development phase of the program , valued at $ 21.4 billion was completed on the basis of high costs incentive fees.

Analysts estimate that the program will cost in total about $ 80 billion and will give a strong impetus for "Northrop" and the companies have supplied, but the Air Force said he does not expect to pay more than $ 511 million per aircraft calculates the value of the dollar prices ended in 2010. Q

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