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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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WOW-what a read-Hollywood – Ready or not; Here We Come


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WOW-what a read-Hollywood – Ready or not; Here We Come

Post by Lobo on Mon 29 Feb 2016, 2:03 pm

COMMENT: A Hollywood feature film – well done.
And you’re circumspect enough to realize it’s “the collective”, “the source”, whatever, that decides ALL; not you.
But you’ve been gifted a particular insight; or was it those years incarcerated, studying your navel?
Ahh- the irony!
Thank you so much.
REPLY: Yes I signed the contracts for the Hollywood film. I have met with the screenwriter. He flew out here and I like his style and his direction. He is very famous and has some big name films under his belt. I do not want to say too much publicly so nobody tries to stop this one.
The FORECASTER was blocked in the USA, Switzerland, and the UK to some extent. The clever trick is a distributor buys the rights for that country, and then they refuse to show it. The three places this seems to have taken place is strangely where the banks dominate. The bankers and government really hated this film. The producer Marcus Vetter even had his studio broken into, his cameras stolen, and what they hoped was all the footage on hard drives. Fortunately, he had backup elsewhere. Every dirty trick in the book has been played. In the film, one government employee came forward, Oliver Brown. He states in the film the FBI showed up at his home 2 days before the film crew flew in from Germany to try to intimidate him into not appearing in the movie.
I have also agreed to do an in-depth interview for a sequel documentary on the market manipulations which are getting more and more press to the general public. Even the success of the recent movie the Big Short has helped to increase the awareness. This to a large extent is why Trump is doing well. Rubio cannot insult his way to the White House, the people are just angry at career politicians. It need not even be Trump. Generally, the producers feel my experience in trading mixed with my legal education puts me in a very unique position to explain reality in detail with common sense. Being in the eye of the storm of perhaps the greatest attempt to manipulate markets in history, gave me a front row seat. I also believe there will be a DVD coming with the outtakes that are very interesting since they followed me around the world for 3 years to make that film along with a in-depth interview.
Nevertheless, while the documentary field is far more respected outside the USA, this is why I think doing a major Hollywood production will perhaps get the message out that we are screwed. You cannot fix something unless you understand it is broken. So we have to explain this is why, and here is what we do about it for the “general” public in order for political change to move in the right direction. Otherwise, we are headed into fewer and fewer rights and the rise of authoritarian governments globally. Hopefully, the more we keep pushing this issue the more we stand a chance of mitigating how hard we fall.
There was one scene in the movie where I am at dinner with my old partners. They were amazed why I was not bitter. One of them really understood me. He responded before I even got a word out. He said: “He’s glad it happened.” I would not say “glad” because the receiver stole even the pension (401K) accounts belonging to the staff. What it did do for me was provide another chapter in my education. Before, I “assumed” the government put people on trial and they at least were treated fairly. I was too busy to pay attention and the the mistake of most people; we trust government way too much. Once I was in the system, I saw how corrupt it was and became so thankful I did not become a lawyer for I would prefer losing my freedom to losing my soul. I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of those in the “justice” (just us) system are surrendered their souls for power.
The government came to me with a Reverse Proffer offer in April 2000. I went to the meeting to listen and the chief prosecutor was Richard D. Owens, who would not leave the government until my case was concluded for it would not look good if someone else came in and asked what the f***? At that Reverse Proffer a few months into the case, he had the audacity to say to me “we know you did not steal any money, but we will not drop the charges.” He wanted me to plead to some concocted conspiracy with Safra and I would be released. I refused. That is when I had the detailed discussion about the Bank of New York case and the $7 billion alleged money laundering also set in motion by Safra. I told Owens to his face, the $7 billion was stolen from the IMF and it was a wire transfer directed by Yeltsin for the so called “refurbishment” of the Kremlin he was pocketing. I then told Owens I knew who was even blocking their investigation in Russia; the Minister of Interior who was protecting Yeltsin. I told him if he thought I was going to plead to some bullshit conspiracy being involved with Safra, he was out of his mind.
I believe government prosecutors could care less about truth and have sold their souls for the opportunity to further their personal careers over abusing others. It’s all about their personal careers. When the two low-level bankers were charged in the Bank of New York case, they remained on bail and at their sentencing they were given home confinement. To be a money laundering crime, the money had to be somehow involving a crime. They would never dare say the truth. The bankers plead guilty and Judge then had to pretend to at least verify it involve a crime rather than someone just wiring money from Russia to Switzerland. The judge asked what was the $7 billion for and they replied it was a”ransom” for a Russian businessman. You would think if some Russian oligarch could pay $7 billion in cash and was kidnapped, it would have been all over the news. No such person existed. It was Yeltsin pocketing money from the IMF. The judge said thanks and never asked even for a name of who was kidnapped or wired the money. It was a political white-wash deal under the table.
You do not need to know very much about banking to know the bullshit story Owens gave the press in my case from the start was not even plausible. How does $1 billion vanish from a bank and “they have no idea where it is?” You either wire it out, write a check, or beam it out like Star Trek. Telling me he “knew” I stole nothing, which is why I had no restitution, was admitting to an obvious fact. That is why Republic National Bank/HSBC had to plead criminally guilty and agreed to return all the money they stole in return for no jail time. Owens would never go to trial because there was no way to prove their allegations any more than there was in the Bank of New York deal also set up by Safra.

Unfortunately, our “justice” system is really “just us”. The US national average conviction rate in federal court is 93% in 2012. While the conviction rate in Virginia and New York have almost matched Japan’s conviction rate of 99%, the national average has exceeded even Adolf Hitler and his conviction rate of about 90% at his notorious People’s Court under Roland Freisler.

When my lawyer Richard Altman heard I was being charged in New York, he said New York practices law differently than any other court. Indeed, they even let judges change the transcripts of what takes place in court. I wrote the the SEC and said what is the point of all this. Just make up a transcript that says I confessed to whatever you want me to say and get it over with. Who would ever believe me if I said I was not even there. The whole system is so totally corrupt you cannot imagine how bad it truly has become. But federal judges are appointed by politicians and it is a one-sided confrontation. I tried to address the facts, but no judge would ever consider anything against the government. It is no different than any kangaroo court. I complained that the theory of the case kept changing from hearing to hearing. I never understood what I was alleged to have done because you answer that and they just change the theory. It is as if they accused you of killing you roommate. They then appear in court to show they are alive. They change the theory and say oh, it was not that person, it someone you worked with. You ask for a name and they change it again.

So I know first hand the movement Black Lives Matter is coming out of the fact that legal system is completely corrupt. The police can outright kill anyone and are never prosecuted. Government prosecutors can KNOWING prosecute innocent people and they are never charged. There is the case of JOSEPH SALVATIwhere the jury awarded $102 million because the prosecutors KNEW they were convicting the wrong person. Two of the men also imprisoned died in prison. Their entire lives were destroyed because there are no checks and balance against police or prosecutors. They protect each other and then judges bless the unholy corruption. Anyone working for the government who does this sort of thing should be imprisoned themselves. After all, they violate the civil rights of an individual and remain immune from criminal prosecution.
Sixth Amendment to the Constitution
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.
Under the Constitution, You are suppose to have a fair and “public trial“. The judge Richard Owen closed the courtroom and threw the press out when he was taking all the lawyers away. Between changing transcripts and holding secret court hearings denying me a public trial was just par for the course in New York.


The Constitutional role of a judge taking a plea, he is supposed to ensure that the person is pleading voluntarily and in their own words. I was handed a script to read which I was not allowed to say anything other than what was on that script no different than any hostage held by terrorists demanding they denounce their country. This was the very same treatment I received because they had no valid case. This is what the judge said:

So what did they have me say?

You just can’t make up this stuff. If it were not for Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor who was one of the three judges on my final appeal saying indefinite contempt without a right for a trial was not Due Process of Law, I would have probably died in prison. Only because she disagreed my case made it to the Supreme Court to which she ironically then was appointed.  It was not until they dropped all the nonsense about conspiracies with Safra that I agreed to read a script that said I failed to tell my clients in a timely manner (over a weekend) that the bank took the money for “it’s own use” and not mine. After that, then suddenly an inmate I believe was paid to kill me which also happens very often in prison. When he finish his attack, he came out and said “I killed him” to which many who were there have reported by email since. (any other details for the movie are welcome). I spent three days in a coma, but survived to the astonishment of the Receiver Alan Cohen (Goldman Sachs), the prosecutor Richard D. Owens, and the rest of the Southern District of New York. OOPS; sorry. Expectations of my death we a trifle premature.
So I survived the trial by fire for a reason. That much I believe. When my case began, Judge Owen kept making jokes about another SEC defendant, Stephen Schiffer. He was the first person the SEC took all his lawyers away. They, and the court, were ruthless to the point engaging in mental torture causing him to commit suicide. Judge Owen kept making jokes about him and how he was never overturned on appeal. When I asked who he kept making jokes about, my lawyer said you do not want to know. I said I do. He then told me about the suicide. From that moment on, I looked into their eyes and no longer saw human individuals, but ruthless sadistic people who will win at any cost and wash their hands in your blood then go for dinner. That gave me the strength. It was a battle to the death – that much became clear. I could not count on the press who typically assume the government is right or lawyers who fear judges and protect their own business before defending a client. I was on my own.
So if the truth can reveal just how corrupt government is from top to bottom, then I have contributed to the whole. In that respect, I fulfilled my purpose in life and I can leave in peace and say good reddens to this corrupt system. Like Socrates, I believe it is either a migration of the soul to see all my old friends, or it is a sleep so peaceful, you are not disturbed by a dream. Either way; there is not to be afraid of. Whatever I can do to expose how corrupt things are so they might be better for what we leave our posterity, then that is why I was given the strength I found within.

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