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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Economists demanding a change banks departments "inefficient" in conjunction with the restructuring


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Economists demanding a change banks departments "inefficient" in conjunction with the restructuring

Post by rocky on Sun 13 Mar 2016, 4:13 am

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Economists demanding a change banks departments "inefficient" in conjunction with the restructuring of the banking system

 Baghdad / Ibrahim Ibrahim 

Called specialists in economic affairs, on Saturday, the government has to change thedepartments of financial and banking institutions, while underlining the need to restructure State - owned banks in accordance with thedevelopments in the financial system that the world is witnessing developments and called for the introduction of modern technology in their daily trading.   
The Ministry of Finance, revealed the completion of 90 % of the stages of bank restructuring Rafidain and Rasheed, confirmed the move to draft restructuring through a global mechanism to support Iraq 's financial situation. 
the economist said Mustafa Mohammed expert beloved in an interview for the "long" " the banking system in Iraq late greatly from the global and regional systems as a result of dropping out of communication with theworld during the years of siege in the nineties of the last century. " 
he added that in the " last few years that followed in 2003 , successive governments did not make plans prudent to restructure the banking system in line with market shifts , which saw a large open to various global markets. " 
said Habib said . " the accumulation of wrong economic policies and not to repair errors Tense in the body of the banking and financial process in the country has produced corrupt administratively and financially nestling in most of the joints of the economic institutions and the most important banks, banks and government ,which is the main pillar of the Iraqi economy. " 
He said the " situation prosthesis solutions from time to time to address some of crises the movement ofmoney developing and moving smoothly during the commercial exchanges between the companies and individuals on the one hand and the government and the private sector on the other. " 
He stressed beloved that" the banking system , the government lacks the simplest tools that contribute to cancel most of the routine steps, which cost the state a lot of money, while we find that regional countries took advantage of the technological development Kalveza card and MasterCard in addition to ATM and electronic trading.   
the general manager of the Rasheed Bank Mohamed Abdel Wahab said on Saturday (February 20, 2016), in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the restructuring process of bank Rafidain and Rasheed began years to ago give the biggest banks support through credit mechanism globally. " 
said Abdul Wahab that" 90% of the stages of the restructuring of the two banks has so far , "stressing that " the process of a restructuring of the two banks to support the Iraqi financial situation. " in 
turn, the economic expert Uday Abdul Ameer Amer said in an interview "long" that "Rafidain and Rasheed are considered one of the most active banks in Iraq and have long experience in the management and operation of private money and public through mobile and fixed deposits." 
He added that " the two banks require a developmental revolution restore the banking system splendor and glory , which declined during recent years by the laws are not active and instruction is studied by insisting on the implementation departments inefficient institutions and financial state. " 
he said Amer said" multiple government and private banks in the short period of time without the application of the regulations for the development of State - owned banks led to a decline in work and confined to thegranting of some loans different addresses in loans buy cars and home loans with a large financial stocks is not an investor. " 
he said the " restructuring need an efficient administration can develop banking business in line with the open market , which needs to speed and significant financial ability "work. 
The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords revealed, in the (November 2015), for a proposal to restructure the bank Rafidain and Rasheed to the large number of administrative and technical their problems, as he pointed to the possibility of putting some of their shares to the private sector. 
the Rafidain Bank confirmed, in the (November 2014), demanding that parliament was restructuring with Rasheed Bank, It does not mean separated from the Ministry of Finance, but come to improve and Aqahma and increase their efficiency and automation of their work along the lines of international banks, noting that cases of breach recently witnessed that motivated with the Central Bank of Iraq, to reconsider the system ofelectronic clearing of controls "tougher" to control it almost completely. the 
banking system in Iraq consists of 43 banks, as well as the central bank, and are distributed according to theproperty between the seven state - owned, and 30 waged, including seven Islamist, as well as six foreign banks.
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