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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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saw: Head of IMF experts to detect and expel documents the destructive role of the Fund


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saw: Head of IMF experts to detect and expel documents the destructive role of the Fund Empty saw: Head of IMF experts to detect and expel documents the destructive role of the Fund

Post by rocky Tue 29 Mar 2016, 1:26 pm

saw: Head of IMF experts to detect and expel documents the destructive role of the Fund

Hussein Hassan Cermak


IMF judged people to death. "

Joseph Stiglitz

Chief Economist of the World Bank (recently separated)



The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a public institution, established with taxpayers' money that offers from all over the world. This fact must be mentioned because they do not usually remember - which is misleading - in direct fund reports provided to the citizens who fund or fund those programs affect their lives. Instead, they will prove in the finance ministries and central banks of the governments of reports.

This comes the official clarification from Joseph Stiglitz, who served for seven years as head of the Council of Economic Advisers to US President Bill Clinton abnormal, then the chief economist at the World Bank.

Stiglitz is an economist from the tide of globalization, but still sincere and honest enough to announce the disappointment of corrupt practices carried out by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

International bureaucrats - unidentified codes in the global economic system - are under attack everywhere. Meetings and conferences convened by the technocrats and discuss topics such as regular soft loans and trade quotas now the scene of raging battles and huge street demonstrations have become ...

Every major meeting of the International Monetary Fund has become, the World Bank, and the WTO now the scene of conflict and turmoil, and trapping the angry masses.

Why should the IMF organized a very hated by the people? Why do people become considers satanic organization dedicated to the destruction of countries and the impoverishment of the peoples and their blood absorption?

This episode sheds some light on this dilemma through the testimony "witness from her family," as they say is an economic expert, Professor, "Joseph Stiglitz."

Introductory remarks task


The International Monetary Fund by some as a global organization, but it should be noted that the United States has 18.25 percent of the vote in the Council of the International Monetary Fund, or three times more than any other member. In addition, the headquarters is located in Washington, DC.

Former vice president of the World Bank Joseph Stiglitz Joe Stiglitz was fired Makhralonh dared to expose the truth and said that no country extends to the hand (p n d) or the World Bank ends with:

Mdmr economy

Shattered Government

And sometimes riots and uprisings Alasaanat

Before he left to work with him carrying Stiglitz amount of confidential documents from the (p n d) and the World Bank reveal four stages required by p n d states, which expires ruin those states:

(1). The signing of the requisite 111 List

(2). And where the state concerned agrees to sell core assets - water, electricity, gas ... etc.

(3). And the compatibility of the state also to take economic steps is to destroy the State concerned entrance

(4). And where politicians are paying billions of dollars in Swiss bank accounts to do the transfer (sale / theft) of fixed assets State

If they do not agree and conquer all before them international borrowing outlets.

In today's world, if they are not borrowing from the international capital market, you can not live whether you're an individual or institution or state.

If you do not agree on what they want, they are issued a bring down the government, and they start to criticism of the previous government and even to rewrite history and falsification of facts.

What Joe Stiglitz says, before his dismissal from the World Bank in 1999?


Stiglitz did not allow for the retirement they deserve, and demanded US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers public prosecution who dared to Stiglitz criticized globalization on the way (p n d) and the World Bank.

Stiglitz spoke to the Observer newspaper and channel the BBC about the hidden but the real work of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which owns the US Treasury 51% of their shares. I've talked to the journalist Greg Palast, who offered him the secret documents leaked from the World Bank Vtorgom him one entitled: "Strategy to help the state."

There is a strategy to help every poor country designed after careful study of the economic situation. But according to insider Stiglitz, the search of the Fund and the Bank includes strict inspection for a hotel five-star luxury accommodation in which the team. It also includes meeting with some ministers corrupt beggars, especially finance ministers, who will hand over the "reconstruction agreement" to sign "voluntary" on them.

The economy of each individual country analysis, says Stiglitz, then the bank to hand over every minister the same program with four steps.

(1). Step # 1


It privatization Privitization

Which he calls Stiglitz "Alrchoch or Alarchaiah 'Briberization. Rather than to object to the sale of national industries and the origins of their nation and their people, the local leaders of bribing local critics who watch the confiscation of water and electricity companies in the country." You'll see their eyes open on the breadth while giving a commission of 10% to be placed in their accounts at the Bank of Switzerland just for agreeing to delete some of the billions of the value of their assets sold (for example, the Argentine drinking water company sold $ 10 Argentines corrupt officials to $ 500 million !!) billion.

This thing you know the United States government says Stiglitz, at least in the process of "bribery" the largest in history, which included the full sale of Russia in 1995 in its worst robbery "economic reform" in history by a (p n d) which has been under has been transferred $ 100 billion from Russia to the United States within one year. Cat's point of view the US Treasury Department that this great work when we want to re-elect Yeltsin. I do not care if the elections were corrupt .. We want that money goes to Yeltsin by giving a boost to his campaign.

It is important to recall that Stiglitz is not a fan of conspiracy theory, it's someone within the game and the beginning of the interior. He was president of Economic Advisers to US President Bill Clinton as abnormal. What was bad more for Stiglitz is that few Russian ruling US-backed stripped Russia's industrial assets, so that corruption reduced GNP system almost in half, causing a recession in the economy and starvation of the people.

(2). Step # 2


"Capital market liberalization Capital Market Liberalization "

Now comes the second step and is in step with a one size fits all and is the "capital market liberalization." In theory, it allows the lifting of restrictions on the capital market movement of capital invested to and from the country. Unfortunately, as happened in Indonesia, Brazil and many other countries, the funds from the inside set off to the outside, but to the outside only. Stiglitz called it "hot money" cycle. The money comes from abroad to speculate in real estate and currency, and then smuggled abroad with the first puff of trouble. Astzaf will be the nation's reserves during the days and hours leading up to the bankruptcy.

When this gets to escape, but to seduce speculators re capital of the nation, who fled, ask (p n d) requires States to raise interest rates to 30% or 50% and even 80%. The result is predictable tsunami escape from the hot money, as happened in Asia and Latin America.

High interest rates topple the value of real estate, industrial production rupture and drain away the wealth of the nation.

(3). Step # 3


Pricing according to market movement Market-Based Pricing

At this point, the (p n d) the withdrawal of the nation intermittent breaths to the third phase which is pricing according to the market movement, which is an imaginary term actually means raising the prices of food, drinking water and cooking gas. This step will lead to the "third half" as he calls Stiglitz, a "riot IMF work." They work more predictable painful. When the nation is faltering seize (p n d) and Iatzaretha the opportunity to take out the last drop of blood from them. Raising the temperature strongly that the boiler explodes in the end. As it happened in Indonesia when it canceled (p n d) of food and fuel subsidies for the poor in 1998.

The people of Indonesia have exploded in riots and wide, but there are other examples:

# Riots in Bolivia against raising the prices of drinking water.

# Riots in Ecuador against the increase in cooking gas imposed by the World Bank rates.

# Raise the price of bread in Egypt ... and many others.

Often you have to get the impression that these riots as if written in the plan. It is indeed the case. I've got the Observer and the BBC on leaked documents from inside the World Bank official and stamped "secret" or "limited" and "Do not open unless approved by the World Bank."

In the document "Stratejp temporary assistance for the country" on the Ecuador declares (p n d) more than once that he expects that his plans will spark "social unrest" to be used and the tutelage of bureaucracy on the state to ignite more fire.

This thing is not strange, secret The report indicates that a plan to make the US dollar Ecuador's currency is caused to make 51% of the population are below the poverty line. "Help" plan to the IMF simply calls the face of civil war and suffering "political packages" and continue to raise prices.

Riots International Monetary Fund (and we mean the riots peaceful protest demonstrations that are dispersed by bullets, tanks and teargas) cause paranoid flee the capital and then Aaovernmh bankruptcy more and more. This economic fire him a bright side - for foreign companies, of course - where it continues to pick off remaining assets, such as mining mines and ports commodity prices scorched.

At the same time, which stopped it (p n d) support purchases of food in Indonesia, it was welcome to intervene to bail out the banks when threatened by bankruptcy. I've borrowed (p n d) billions of dollars to save Indonesia's financiers, and thus the American and European banks that borrowed including Indonesia. The most important thing is the interest of foreign banks (Bank of America in particular) and their benefits horrible, and people go to hell.

Has emerged as a result of this "style" fixed, there are a lot of losers in this system but there is always a winner and one is: Western US Treasury, the Ministry of banks, making a lot of money to be derived from this global financial frenzied race. Stiglitz has said that he - in his work at the World Bank - maintains a sad anniversary for his first meeting with Ethiopian President-elect in the first democratic elections in the country.

The World Bank and IMF had ordered Ethiopia to transfer aid funds to the reserves in US Treasury account, which is being paid meager return is 4%, while Ethiopia has borrowed US dollars an interest rate of 12% to feed its hungry. Sfielh any vampires these? !!

New Ethiopian President Bstiglitz begged to allow him to use the aid money to rebuild the state. But, no, I went directly to the basement of the loot the US Treasury Department in Washington.

(4). Step # 4


Free Trade phase Free Trade

Now we got the fourth stage, which he calls (r n d) and the World Bank "poverty reduction policy": free trade. It is free trade in accordance with the provisions of the World Trade Organization and the World Bank, Stiglitz believes that it is like "Opium War" They also made on the basis of market opening under duress.

As is the case in the nineteenth century, Europeans and Americans Ahhmon border for their sales in Asia, Latin America and Africa, while immunized against Third World markets for agricultural products.

In the Opium Wars, the West used military blockades to force countries to open their markets to trade is balanced. Today, the World Bank can order the financial siege on a country to deter, or make it a blockade disciplinary sometimes fatal.

Stiglitz was of his emotional side substantially toward the Convention on the intellectual property rights of the World Trade Organization (we will address this Agreement hellish in a separate episode). Here is the New World Order to "condemn human beings to death" by imposing impossible tariffs and facilities for corporate branded pharmaceutical industry monopoly, they do not care about whether human Amat mother remained alive. What is important is the profits and dollars

Incidentally, you should not be overwhelmed by blending, which took place between (p n d), the World Bank and the WTO, three have are just masks of the system arbitrary and exploitative one. I have attached themselves to strongly through what they call "triggers", he took a loan from the (p n d) to build a school, for example, has been "called" supplies to make you accept every "conditionality conditionality" which contained items of 111 set by the (p n d) and the World Bank.

In fact, the International Monetary Fund asks nations to accept trade policies more punitive than the official WTO rules.

Stiglitz is that the greatest concern is that World Bank plans, developed in the context of secrecy and led an authoritarian ideology, is never open to dialogue or dissent. Despite the West's quest for elections throughout the developing world, the so-called poverty reduction programs is to "undermine democracy" in the developing world. This means that programs (p n d) is a tool to subvert the democratic life and push for the dictatorship.

In the end, Professor Stiglitz said the reason that led him to put his job on the touchstone of danger and threat, and is in the fund failed Bank and the US Treasury to change course when faced with crises, frequent failure and suffering caused by the four steps Programme.

Each time a free-market solutions fail, calls for the International Monetary Fund, and simply put, more free market policies.

"It's like Balvsd therapy or cupping in the Middle Ages .. When the patient dies they used to say:" Well, I have stopped the flow of blood in the very early .. still has a bit of blood in it. "

The bottom line is:

A viable solution to the crisis of poverty in the world is: get rid of the vampires.

Hussein Hassan Cermak

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