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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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anniversary to deal golden dinar Baghdadi - articles - Tariq Harb


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anniversary to deal golden dinar Baghdadi - articles - Tariq Harb

Post by rocky on Tue 05 Apr 2016, 2:31 pm

anniversary to deal golden dinar Baghdadi - articles - Tariq Harb

– April 4, 2016

84 anniversary to deal golden dinar Baghdadi - articles - Tariq Harb

Juma on 01/04/2016 we had a lecture at the Baghdadi Cultural Center for the first day was handled by the Iraqi national currency, a gold dinar and al-Baghdadi, who was on 01/04/1932 In this day introduced to the market this currency instead of the Indian currency after the issuance of the law Iraqi currency number (44) in 1931 and the system of this coin No. (12) for the year 1932 property and will (Decree) No. (59) for the year 1932 which set banknotes forms and then spent law No. (40) for the year 1933 debarment Indian currency (rupee) so that the Ottoman currency was prevalent as the official currency before the English occupation of Iraq after the occupation, issued a ruling Englishman to Iraq on 15/05/1920 order for the termination deal Ottoman currency and the Ottoman lira as the currency of the Iraqis and the value of the lira began to decrease at the end of the Ottoman Empire, as was the lira Majidiyah ratio Sultan Abdul Majid in the nineteenth century, the highest value of currencies and then followed by the pound Hamedia proportion to the Sultan Abdul Hamid and less lira value of the lira Rashadiya proportion to the Sultan Mohamed Rashad, a last Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and there were many kinds of Ottoman currency in Baghdad (a half pounds and a quarter pounds and Majidi and jihadist and Ashrafi and Koran and penny metallic leaving and righteous and Bakjh) as it was said to bankrupt the people of Baghdad (no righteous nor metallic), meaning it does not have even Albouksh currency price after the English occupation began working in Indian rupees which is equal to seventy penny worth up to $ fourth Indian and pubic and their parts and their complications which was bearing the image of Britain's King George V in 1932 began dealing Golden Iraqi dinars, which consists of a thousand fils is equal to more than three dollars and more than three grams of gold, and this was the dinar capable to deal in all the world because it is written on it that the Iraqi bank is obliged to pay its value gold and complications dinar, five dinars, or what is popularly called (Order of Abu five) and parts currency Kalncef dinars and quarter dinars and two hundred fils, which was called Riyals percent fils fifty fils, or the so-called Abu fifty or so-called DRAM twenty fils, which is popularly called the Koran and four fils, called pubic and Filsan any weakness penny that was popularly called Abu Filsin and that of his ideals Baghdadi (in my pocket Abu Filsin singer and sing if Abu fifty one carried me) 09/17/1950 in the Iraqi dinar was issued on behalf of the Iraqi Central Bank and in the transformation of the name 02.04.1950 bank to the Central Bank of Iraq's name and appeared currencies on behalf of the bank have been identified this property currencies, categories and length and had the dinar with the photos of the kings of Iraq, Faisal I and the first Ghazi Faisal II and continued to work the Royal currency golden dinar until the year 1959 after the July coup in 1958 and the declaration of a republic where law No. (181) for the year 1959 currency Iraqi Republic Act ended evaluation of the dinar gold as Iraq withdrew from the English currency cover featured five coin money instead of the four coin money or the so-called Banh so scarce some of the people of Baghdad and said he lived leader Azad in the pubic fils because the currency was four Flosse has become the currency of pubic five fils and gold payment clause in gold and after the 1968 coup was a picture of Saddam Hussein in the currency and in the 15/1/2004 issued a ruling the US (Primer) an order to stop working earlier dinar, which was called the dinar Saddam issued a new currency with no images of personalities and before to say the history of two decades of coins which were the parts of the dinar disappeared and then the dinar and the dinar cent coin disappeared and now Almaitan and fifty dinars are fewer Iraqi currency.

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