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The private banking sector in Rajasthan to Center seminar studies Arabic and international

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The private banking sector in Rajasthan to Center seminar studies Arabic and international

Post by Hkp1 on Sat 05 Jan 2013, 5:45 pm

January 2013-09: 28 am 05

The private banking sector in Rajasthan to Center seminar studies Arabic and international

order to strengthen leadership in building the orientations of the
financial and banking sector in functional foundations can ensure its
usability to meet the required task of rebuilding and reconstruction,
economic studies department at Mustansiriya University Center for
international studies and Arabic to Al-Mustansiriya University on
Wednesday morning, 19/12/2012 annual scientific symposium marking b
(private banking sector in Iraq and development of the Iraqi economy

And an information source for transfer n news agency Saturday
that the symposium was held at the Hall of the Center, which was
attended by a number of academics and economists, writers and
researchers, as well as some workers in the banking sector and
interested in economic, Prof. Sattar Jabar Al-Bayati, head of economic
studies with the audience, and then he stopped to talk about the end of
the Symposium and its importance in strengthening the Iraqi economy
which still has many problems which should be addressed with wisdom and
professional; in view of the negative effects on the national economy
which require development of processors To be exceeded, then Dr.
Al-Bayati said his invitation to Dr. Majid Central Bank Adviser to mock
the Chair submitted four research, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Mashhadani as
Rapporteur of the meeting.

"The first research of this meeting
prepared by Prof. Walid IDI, Director General of research and statistics
at the Central Bank of Iraq came under the title (the banking system in
Iraq) addressed a number of important statistical indicators of
successive increases in the capital of State-owned banks, which until
the end of October from 2012 a total (754) billion dinars, compared to
(4 051) billion dinars private banks. investment stocks in banks
operating in Iraq have been recorded up to 31/10/2012 ($ 5 945) billion
dinars, the share of State-owned banks (4 929 billion dinars), versus (1
018) billion dinars for the private banks, as well as a researcher to
that total outstanding debt payment in Iraqi banks amounted to
31/10/2012 (441) billion dinars, the share of State-owned banks (234)
billion dinars, compared to (207) billion dinars private banks.

at the
end of the consideration of proposals presented researcher, perhaps the
most important chapter between the owners of the Bank and the Department
of banking operations, and the need to build banks banking
technologies, as well as the development of Internal control systems and
the application of the criterion of disclosure and transparency.

research by the Association of private banks, and his mark b (private
banking development indicators in Iraq), he emphasized the growing
number of private banks in Iraq and (32) banks during two decades,
adding to the growing number of branches in Iraq to more than 500
branches, as well as branches of foreign banks and foreign Arabic (11)
banks exercise two types of banking is the business banking and Islamic

Among the important indicators addressed in this paper is
that the assets of these banks (12.1) trillion Iraqi dinars, with
deposits (8.0), and the US cash-credit total (3.6) trillion dinars,
while these banks capital and reserves to (3.3) trillion Iraqi dinars
and striking attention to confirm this paper on the feasibility of
capital investment in Iraq is perhaps clearest in the banking sector
when total profits of these banks (477.7) billion dinars.

The third
research symposium entitled (the importance of assessing the financial
performance of the private banks in financing investment
activity/International Bank of Kurdistan a model) by Assistant Professor
finance Dr. Hashim Mohammed alarqub of the College of business and
Economics at Mosul University researcher has expressed in his paper on
the commercial banks of important institutions that represent the heart
of the financial system; to consider as they lead a group of actors
(monetary and fiscal) that contribute to stimulating economic activity
and financing of all economic and social sectors.

The researcher
emphasizes in conclusion of his paper on evolution in style and banking
despite lower volume capacity liquid Bank of Kurdistan (sample) in the
years 2008 and 2010, compared with 2007, and the efficient functioning
of the volatility, explanation by expanding use of electronic calculator
and the use of modern means and systems appropriate for the performance
of State-of-the-art banking technology, methods of running and a number
of automated teller machines (ATM), point of sale (POS), in addition to
the renewal system swift (SWIFT) and using the work of executing
transfers By Western Union.

Most research symposium entitled
(contribution of the banking sector in the Iraqi economy after 2003) by
Associate Professor Dr. Amr Hisham Mohammed of the Economic Studies
Department at Mustansiriya University Center for Arabic studies and
international researcher has pointed out in his paper that the banking
sector remains weak in the Iraqi economy despite their upward trend. as
the only contribution (1.7%) in 2009, adding that the Iraqi banks
capital remain modest due to several factors, including the emergence of
private banks

At the beginning of the ninth decade of the last century
in the economic circumstances at the time, making it isolated and locked
on the local environment with economic weakness and low living
standards, which led to Government banks need specifically to
restructuring includes review of staffing in these banks, and skills
required of employees.

Researcher finds that Iraqi economy suffers
from several problems, some inherited from the previous era and some
noob and linked to the conditions of the global economy, thereby making
it needs over other neighbouring economies to the financial and banking
sector is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness, to meet
the requirements of reconstruction and the return potential of normal
and receivable.

and at the end of the symposium were serious scientific
dialogue on the content of the scientific papers which had been put
forward by participants by economists and interested In the banking
sector from attending this meeting. and axes have focused discussion on a
number of points which expressed the problems of the banking sector,
the most prominent themes of awareness, the extent of communication
between banks and customers, deal between financial institutions and the
Iraq market for securities and banking, relationship and integration
between the Central Bank and private banks, in addition to banking
strategies and banking techniques.

After the debate was installing
recommendations such as restructure State banks and legal reforms
through the revision of the legislative framework for the work of the
special mechanisms dealing with banks, Central Bank and banking
techniques, and focus on the skills required of employees, in addition
to advancing steps contribute to the application of good governance in
the banking sector. Either keep closing the estimated distribution of
certificates to researchers involved in the work of the Symposium.

Cute Abdul Salem Al-igaily engineer/researcher and writer.

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