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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Sanders Supporters Shower Clinton Motorcade With $1 Bills


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Sanders Supporters Shower Clinton Motorcade With $1 Bills

Post by Lobo on Sun 17 Apr 2016, 3:56 pm

Sanders Supporters Shower Clinton Motorcade With $1 Bills
by Shaquille Brewster

It's $300,000 for Dinner: George Clooney Hosts Clinton Campaign Fundraiser 2:27
Supporters of Bernie Sanders showered cash on Hillary Clinton's motorcade Saturday as it passed en route to a high-dollar fundraiser at actor George Clooney's Los Angeles home, throwing dollar bills into the air.
The group of about 75 Sanders supporters was outside a counter-fundraiser being held at a home of one of Clooney's neighbors.
Demonstrators held signs as speakers from that home blared the chorus, "We're in the money" and threw cash at one of the vehicles as it passed.

Sanders has hammered the former Secretary of State over what he has called her close ties to Wall Street and paid speeches, and the Vermont senator often references his average donation size of $27 as an example of his distance from big-money politics. Attendees at the Sanders event paid $27 per person.
Attendees for the event with Clinton gave at least $33,400 per person. Co-hosts gave $100,000 dollars per couple.
Clooney said in an interview with "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd that he agreed with Sanders' criticism of such fundraisers as "obscene."
"Yes. I think it's an obscene amount of money ... The Sanders campaign, when they talk about it is absolutely right. It's ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. I agree completely," Clooney said. But he said the money is necessary to get Democrats elected.
On Friday night, Clooney co-chaired an event in San Francisco to raise money for the Hillary Victory Fund. To get a seat at a roundtable with George Clooney, his wife Amal and Hillary Clinton, as well as a prime spot at the dinner, a couple would've had to pay or raise $353,400.
California holds its Democratic primary on June 7. An important New York primary is Tuesday.

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