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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trade Bank of Iraq and Hamdiya Dry


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Trade Bank of Iraq and Hamdiya Dry

Post by rocky on Wed 04 May 2016, 9:48 am

Trade Bank of Iraq and Hamdiya Dry

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 

Trade Bank of Iraq and Hamdiya Dry

Trade Bank of Iraq: Iraqi bank is the government, was established in Baghdad, where the means to activate trade movement in Iraq. Iraqi ownership of the bank to trade back fully for the benefit of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, was established in July 2003 for the purpose of facilitating and facilitating the Iraqi foreign trade operations and the reconstruction of Iraq after the end of the United Nations Oil-for-food. In a short period of time, the bank has seen a rapid development and great and significant banking institution which actively built a network of relationships with the best 134 banks in the world covering the various continents.

And himself Trade Bank of Iraq to issue credit cards (Visa Card Global) so became pregnant only a license to issue this card in Iraq and introduced for the first time in banking transactions to be extra service to his customers keep pace with developments in banking operations traded internationally, and thus has made and is still the bank developed a network of ATM s in all parts of Iraq. From this point it has become the Iraqi trade bank a competitive advantage by providing the best service and the lowest cost, which provides a global service to its customers.

The advantage of TBI addition to providing all the services and banking operations, with a large cash money, it also has the intellectual capital stems from the advanced managerial banking philosophy enjoyed by senior management, led by Ms. benign dry through real understanding of the role of the banking sector in the economic development and apprehensive to the corridors of the banking business and methods of success by taking strategic decisions banking motivating and driving the development of a commercial field in Iraq, and from here we can say that the secret of the success of the trade bank of Iraq is the possession of factors integration success of criticism and think management is correct check targets.

Bank branches

TBI owns Trading currently has 15 branches distributed between the capital , Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, Karbala and Ramadi, Tikrit and Nasiriyah phase is now complete and the remaining branches that will cover all of Iraq 's provinces. Finally opened Nasiriyah and Karbala branch and in the process of opening other branches in Ramadi and Tikrit

return again to connect with our readers dear to expose what is not concealed Dry Hamdiya and we hope to have the patience of our readers Ksberna and not be Ksber Prophet Ayoub, and what decision - makers hope to see your faces and you You read what we write about and I heard a person close to one of the senior officials of the state law, reading our articles of this series , it says that this is not true and that Hamdiya dishonest these are the enemies and the enemies of success !!! Oh Dear Professor for any success to speak of honor and any talk ??? Your first Alice can be sure of papers and documents and that the visit to the Trade Bank of Iraq and the aspirations of Pam eye on what we write and credibility is then attached ?? And you are in the list of Asmeetm yourselves the state of law and answer nothing to do with the law.

And responded last official act says (what writes the whole Sahhih I am aware of what is happening Crown people influential in this bank have confirmed them that everything written about Hamdiya is true . It is the worst from this) ended sayings, Yea, administrator and what after that? What happens after that is confirmed ?? what did you do ?? And what will you do ?? I answer you that he does not Attia to do something because the corruption that has him a large file and can not confront Hamdiya which became labeled standards political on the most powerful man in Iraq, Mr. al - Maliki , and this gives the impression that Hamdiya rest during the stay and it 's stronger than Sajida Khairallah Telfah and roughest Susan Mubarak and thief bigger than Zine El Abidine Ben Ali , President of Tunisia 's wife, and all this is in the mouth of the one he can not change without the bold decision of Mr. al - Maliki to form a committee to audit and control also formed in the era of Azri that toppled him , and when he does this measure will know him as a man fair and actually seeking to have Iraq is a state of law and not Th but law or state law *** and Nia and follow his own these files after the open , and will facilitate the work of this committee through the papers that we have and the information is abundant that we hold and open the following files:

1. Administrative files, which we referred to in the first lesson of administrative orders conflicting and volatile reflecting mismanagement

2. With regulatory files and the actions taken to address them than the previous offenses did not Hamdiya dry any corrective action or have a legal investigation which claimed responsibility for the treatment reflects FINE corruption TBI files of previous trade ?? And where the results of the investigations? Wayne spoilers included in these files ??? I answer to you because Hamdiya Dry will not do any action against these files for reasons very well known either be've got a good amount of the owners of the two presidents files or the file originally dates back to an affiliate officials are to him now , as evidenced by this that there are (34 request achieving files large, where corruption huge) and (61 request achieving small files include minor offenses and thefts) and presented formally by the BSA or the COI dispersed across departments General administration (credit, letters of guarantee, money orders and money laundering) and bank branches (Harthiya, Street river, swimming pool, Erbil, Najaf, Basra, Tikrit) did not Hamdiya to this moment treat or conduct any investigation on the matter with the help of Mr. Safa al - Obeidi , who as trying as possible not to open these files being a former partner with because of his status as an administrator for censorship at the time , which transmits it also to the investigation for his involvement in these files directly or indirectly

3. International relations files , and what new contracts that Ms. Hamdiya dry contracted out or see the old files and what are the measures taken by the Hamdiya adjustable

4. Credit and loans currently granted and devoid of any collateral and thus violates the Central Bank of Iraq and his instructions and laws

5. The most important files is external transfer files , and that carried out by the bank 's branch in the pool area and the management of Sayeda Zeinab charity after he ended the former director of services for this section because of disagreement with the conduct of these operations to his experience and his knowledge of due process of law for this work and use the style of a double standard, offering special price for those who come back to her and its partners , and this branch is fully functional to meet the specific needs of the financial transfer companies, which date back to the partners Hamdia or her relatives and Basmaat been mentioned in the previous our episodes and offering them special deals and Astosmaiah and exclusive they dinar shifted out of Iraq after offsetting the US dollar , and less than the market price (b 11 Namira) and fraudulent invoices are incorrect, is it reasonable to Mali cargo transfer company imports $ 59 million a month ??? Of course not reasonable they are money transfer company rather than import-export company and the most important file can be pursued because the have to do a big issue of money that led to the devaluation of the currency of Iraq 's large and noticeable smuggling which affected the same citizen

, files , and many in large and would love to go back and repeat the files mentioned in the previous episodes of our articles this, but found it necessary to return to the issue of credit cards , where received us piece of information is documented and be sure to schedule that flies dry Hamdiya secrets visa own Bzbain bank to destinations mixed and different approach them in a friendly manner chatter and the other is Mottagsd and schedule including CI Dqiqih details customers and the information documented received by us is required to table ( the customer 's name, place of exchange amount, the value of the expense amount, date) and of course that this information will provide face talibes of Hamdiya information is to keep track of some politicians and their families and know the places of residence in the countries to which they travel means that Mr. Zaid statement Solagh , for example , when traveling to Beirut to be his residence Le Royal Hotel this means that Hamdiya provided a fixed address in Beirut for this person and without protection real making it easier to be followed and follow - up and could put his life or the life of any other official who uses a card credit at risk as a result of leaking this information accurate and important for them , and most of this and that that Hamdiya provide them with this information is absolutely without paying attention to the specificities of women and I imagine that the reader intelligently can accommodate Manicol, and that the card credit process is strictly confidential and not be shared for one has responded to our ears that Visa International company has seen a this information is in the process checked in if confirmed the authorization granted by the Iraqi bank for trade may be withdrawn and awarded to another bank, according to what we have heard that there is one private banks is continuing with the company 's global access to the only official statement either for our role in this matter has been contacted us by a person interested in this topic and asked us to provide him with the data and information to be transferred to Visa International company Inc. Master also to provide them with corroborative reports that we have , but I apologized to him does not love Bhamdih but order me to build , not to destroy

other times and other O decision - makers that Tqomo effective in your role and Tamilo something for your country , this Iraq is a country of civilizations .. This is Iraq 's first of the enactment of the law .. This is Iraq 's first science writing .. This is Iraq 's first to make the wheel ... now he becomes the country Hamdiya and Xuan and Chillan

The Hamdiya dry her personality corrupt study project psychiatric may larger hospitals and institutes of psychiatry in the world seeking to analyze and make sure aspects of her personality are a microcosm for all types of corruption, personal and practical and we believe that if you make this psychoanalysis them to know that the origin of environment Hamdiya humble environment that was born and raised in her childhood where the need and deprivation and corruption, education is the main cause of what machine to him this human being from the stage of degeneration beyond the stage and this is what you will find in our lesson for today and that talk briefly about this character and has done when he represented the Iraqi banking sector in Egypt as manager of the Rafidain Bank In Cairo.

Before going into today's episode and found it necessary to answer a person commentators on our writings, which certainly is one of the associates of dry Hamdiya or relatives because his comments Remember comments Mishan al-Jubouri, and his defense of the character of Saddam Hussein and how he charted a hero when he was cut off the heads of innocent people, and how he is a national it is the conduct of foreign armies, and gave them the right to occupy Iraq and granted international license to build their camps in neighboring countries, but I find it a shame and disgrace we have to mention his name or refer to him directly but to remind the idea and method of commenting thou, O defender Hamdiya, corruption, why did not we find you Hamdiya comment on the episode in Istanbul ?? Why do we find you are not attached to all our episodes or answer them ?? I will give you the answer outright that you know very well that what he writes is the truth and trying to you and Hamdiya that Tjdo outlet for the defense did not and will never find one because you are afraid of what you do, and we must Tarafo that our vocation is to change and to get rid of the clutches of corruption Hamdiya and henchmen, and I am sure that our message has reached an up day to who are the owners of the decision in our home and that no Aflo nothing to protect you, not knowing your innocence Vhamdih Dry obvious truth no matter how deceived by one and that the decision-makers did not Icomo national turn at this time you will find us we are punished Hamdiya law Guenhn folks law, Iraq is a country founded the law to the whole world we will raise the lawsuit as we have the identity papers of all Maketbna but beyond that we have witnesses to prove all the facts before the courts and see what she says will Hamdiya ?? And I also know the answer that Hamdiya Dry will escape as did the others, and after that the balance of the bank reached a multi-million will be returned to Egypt find that Hamdiya place is beautiful and good for corruption and havens or may change its destination and settle in Amman if under the case of Egypt is stable and live the rest of her life corruption and sugar which act of the money stolen because her ethics do not know that the money the Sacred burn bellies and souls.

And here we go back to a solid lesson, titled (Hamdiya in Cairo), a sequel to the series Hamdiya in Istanbul and will be followed by other episodes for Hamdiya in Albany, New York and Hamdiya in Las Vegas and other episodes that will explain to you and Tdekm you to do you analyze this character, in the year 2004 and after been restored Hamdiya their relationship strong relationship with one of powerful personalities in the Rafidain Bank (z) and as everyone knows that such personal how to re-close relationship and in any manner decide nominated to be director of the Rafidain Bank in Cairo, which is out of business bank and has debts worth billions of pounds for the benefit of Egyptian workers in Iraq before the year 1990, and accounted for and interest accumulate debt and nothing in the bank and any legal action initiated Hamdiya there to enjoy the pleasures of this world and engaged in acts not worthy bureaucrat cleaning in one of the government departments:

After arriving in Cairo a short period and set up in one of the most expensive areas in Cairo met a young man named (AMR), a young Egyptian man born in 1977 and handsome figure lives in the same building that inhabited by Hamdiya dry and asked him Hamdiya be appointed to the bank's good salary and actually as a young man agreed to here immediately, and the rest is well known in the theoretical balance, which tells about many relationships take the form of self-interest, a mutual for him the hen that lays the gold and the rest I hope that the reader understands alone

Characterized by dry Hamdiya from other managers and employees as the best of smokes (Habur), a type of cannabis famous Egyptian

In 2005 came the dry Hamdiya a path back from the pyramid Street after the red Evening with (p. A. M. A) on an area called the Ring Road to the collision because of the sugar and the loss of control was the work of the minutes in the Nasr City police station and was released on bail after Amr intervention and acquaintances in her out of this position

In the same year 2005 came Hamdiya to another incident in the Dokki area of ​​Cairo after the two and a half a.m. and the same above reasons (sugar, loss of consciousness) was the work of the minutes in the Dokki police station

In 2006 and during a visit to one of the senior officials who worked largely deputy prime minister Dr. (B) met Hamdiya this person tried seduced though in every way and has invited him and the work of a red Evening honor but it seems that this man has some loyalty and respect for his wife refused seduction and withdrew from the event after entering the quarter of an hour and under the pretext of the need to sleep because he is on a journey the next day

The list goes on and events do not expire but quite frankly and apologize for mentioning some events of the difficulty presented and drafted respectful of us to shame our readers and some of the other events do not have real evidence only by correspondence some of the loyal Brotherhood either what has been mentioned in this episode is available to us with documents and minutes of legal brought one of us who truly care about homeland

O our rulers and our leaders keep us pain iota of jealousy and dignity to kick the roots of corruption .... O our ministers and our Prime Minister is not it time for openness and frankness that this lady is not qualified morally largest bank to manage in Iraq .... Is not it time for change .... Oh the Prime Minister may faulting human choice, but let us Nasrag that error is the failure to recognize Bakto Both sons of Adam are sinners and non-Ktaiin repent.

We continue with us and continue our struggle against corruption until the change and Trqbona in the next episode of corruption Dry Hamdiya We hope that the change takes place before deployment

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