Amman: Iraq News Network revealed Transport Minister Ayman Hatahet to open Trebil border crossing between Jordan and Iraq , just around the corner. He Hatahet in a statement to Al - Ghad Jordanian, that "cleanse Trebil zone on the Iraqi side of the mines planted by the terrorists have apositive impact on trade between the two brotherly operations," adding that "Iraq's most important trading partners of the Kingdom , " the To, the ambassador said Iraqi in Amman , Safiya al - Suhail for "tomorrow", he said that Iraqi authorities took over the crossing and provided himwith instruments appropriate to start work. It is noteworthy that Trebil is the only crossing which connects the flow of commercial goods traffic between Iraq and Jordan, while there are other outlets but they are not intended for those Altjarah.omund July operations last year, the trade exchange between Jordan and Iraq operations ceased almost entirely due to the control of gangs terrorist Daash on those roads, hampering the flow of traffic exchange between his part, he said captain Jordanian truck owners, Mohammed Daoud for tomorrow, "if fully opened Trebil crossing it will reflect positively on the transport and Jordanian exports to Iraq sector and vice versa." he pointed out that Iraq has had activity through Exporters also of the kingdom, but those business operations almost stopped since the July Almadi.ouhol losses faced by Jordanian trucks Gaza said Aldoaod "sector losses have exceeded about 500 million dinars [Jordanian] sincethe outbreak of the events of the region, which closures of border crossings between Jordan and Iraq and Syria have caused them as is , "he said , adding that the data has imposed a rhythm difficult for the road transport sector specifically, as well as exporters and traders in both Iraq and Sorah.oaattabr that the reopening of the Trebil border crossing is a good start for the economy Aloutna.obhsp Figures from the Department of statistics of Jordanian exports to Iraq dropped last year by 41 percent to 493 million dinars, compared with 828.6 million dinars during the same period last year 2014.aly it said Anbar governor Suhaib al- Rawi said "Our visit with Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban to Trebil border crossing with Jordan came to inspect the conditionsof the port and the possibility of general international trade opened between Iraq and Jordan . "He added , " I expect that will soon be the customs port opening to international trade back on theinternational highway after a lapse of about two years . "He explained the narrator that" opening customs port comes because of the need to restore business activity and stimulate economic and business events that have caused great damage ".ccant security forces had freed last Tuesday western Anbar province , the humid spend and then the international highway link him with securing the region confined between the perpetrators Trebil and newborn with Jordan and Syria respectively For a distance of 80 km.