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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Congress: Dinar setback for errors not far from the central government in the file

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Congress: Dinar setback for errors not far from the central government in the file Empty Congress: Dinar setback for errors not far from the central government in the file

Post by Hkp1 on Thu 16 May 2013, 3:56 pm

Congress: Dinar setback for errors not far from the central government in the file

Range - 05/16/2013 - 10:23 p

Congress: Dinar setback for errors not far from the central government in the file

said deputies from the Integrity Committees and economic النيابيتين
that measures suffered by the central bank and the former crew, led to a
significant setback for the dinar against the dollar recently, as part
of a package of measures is studied which led to a decline in the
reputation of Iraq in front of the financial community in the world.

weeks have seen the high exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi
dinar as it was about 1300 dinars to the dollar after it was at 1270
early last April. The price of 1170 dinars to the dollar in the fall of

In a surprise move met with استهجانا parliamentary wide,
decided Maliki last October, the prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki functions
of the central bank governor, rather than bank governor, former Shabibi,
against the backdrop of "charged issues of financial and administrative
corruption," especially in the processes Auction dollar, charges have
not proven the judiciary.

And confirms MP Aziz Kadhim Alwan, a
member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said that "the measures
taken by the government against the previous administration of the
Central Bank and in front of the market and the global banks
overshadowed a significant rise in the price of the dollar against the
dinar," and believed that "these actions were not deliberate and healthy
and affected on teams currency ".

In a statement to the "long"
yesterday, confirms Alwan said "the policy of the Central Bank of the
current is not better than the previous one where we saw the decline
dinar significantly, which opens several questions about the bank's
policy," adding that "the problem behind them political agendas, in
addition to the sanctions being selectively. "

The promise of a
member of the Integrity Committee that "the involved conduct a waste of
public money is a circle of money laundering only, and instead charge
for this circle were honored its president by the government which is
surprising," adding, "There are also implicated clear of banks and
supplements and businesses, which are the other not held accountable,
despite involved money laundering operations. "

The attention of
member bloc citizen that "what is happening is accountable for the
innocent and not for thieves and this applies to the President of the
Integrity Commission Previous Rahim Okkaily who wanted to tackle
corruption Foukb were deported as well as the head of Alfodah Electoral
former Faraj al-Haidari there were attempts at being fired."

is that "all the arrests that took place against the staff of the
Central Bank, which, amounting to 29 prisoners and detained all of them
are innocent, according to the decisions of the judiciary, which freed
us all."

In the opinion of a member of the Parliamentary
Integrity that "the problem lies in the management of the country's
political, security and economic and commercial shoddy and poor
development of import and export as well as customs tariff," adding that
"this has encouraged the spread of corruption in all government
departments, even offices of the three presidencies."

Meanwhile, a
deputy Ahmed al-Alwani, a member of the parliamentary economic
committee, said that "there are financial companies belonging to the
political forces that manipulate the price of the dollar as you want
without any accountability by the government." Alwani adds, in an
interview for the "long" on Wednesday, saying that "these companies are
monopolizing the dollar banking in its banks and its own banks, raising
the price of the dollar against the dinar."

The Chairman of the
Committee emphasizes that the economic "measures the new central bank
administration greatly bothered by this banking companies paid to the
monopoly of the dollar," pointing out that "the deteriorating political
situation has a great impact in the decline rate of the dinar against
the dollar."

And on the measures taken by the government against
the former central bank chief Sinan Shabibi and his crew administrative,
see Alwani said, "What happened to the prosecution and arrests do not
tolerate Shabibi and his crew, but there were procedures hasty has
Ptivha Integrity Commission against the bank's management earlier,"
returned that this "was actions were arbitrary and incorrect.

was a member of the Parliamentary Committee to investigate the file's
central bank, confirms that" the problem reached by the Commission
investigative parliamentary regarding the central bank is having banking
companies belonging to political parties made ​​bonds forged the bank. "

And stresses the Iraqi List MP that "the existence of
mismanagement and not corrupt in the administration Shabibi after the
intervention of banking companies do not apply the controls, because
these companies linked بالقنصليات and Missions overseas business, and
therefore all the measures taken were harsh and incorrect and the
government re rights of these employees. "

He adds Alwani,
saying, "The government tried to acquire initially on hard currency, but
Shabibi did not agree and argued a lot on the grounds that the bank is
an independent body unrelated third party, according to the
Constitution," adding that "the central bank is linked administratively
parliament and thus is of يحاسبه If a mistake is not the government" .

believes that "the Integrity Commission has not real duties toward the
central bank because of political pressures brought to bear them in
order not to hold negligent."

The deputies, politicians and
economists have accused the central bank to last six months to burn "an
average of four billion dollars a month in an auction of hard currency
for the benefit of ten banks, mostly with capital Gulf, you buy a day
most of the claims of the Central Bank of hard currency and make a
profit obscene Up to 6%, which it controls the Iraqi economy. "

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