Baghdad / Iraq News Network praised the White House, Wednesday, Iran 's efforts in fighting al "Daash" criminal in Iraq, stressing that Iran is interested in the outcome of the battle of Fallujah does not seek for " a sectarian war . " He said a spokesman for the US White House , Josh Earnest told a news conference , said that "Iran is interested in the results that will come out of therestoration of Iraqi forces , the city of Fallujah do not want to strengthen the organization Daash . " he added Ernst that "it is clear that it is not in Iran 's interest that there be a sectarian war ask her blood on the borders and the Iranian side to understand that such a thing will enhance the strengthof the organization Daash.utaba The Iranians are aware of the risks of this situation , " thespokesman , stressing that the United States" does not plan and do not coordinate militarily withthe Iranian side and I personally do not know of any plans of this kind , ".oaad this is the position isthe first of its kind the US administration, which comes after the Gulf campaign accuses Iran ofmeddling on a sectarian basis in Iraq, especially after the Saudi foreign minister , Adel al - Jubeir 'srecent statements on Iran 's Gen. Qassem Soleimani.