BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , the US ambassador in Iraq , Stuart Jones , with theparticipation of Minister of Planning and Salman al - Jumaili and director of the Council of Prime Minister 's Office Mahdi Keywords activities of the Ministry of Planning conference under the title "Development reform program in Iraq , " which was held last Thursday , Rashid Hotel in Baghdad , according to a statement issued by the embassy. The statement said: The conference was attendedby several members of the House of representatives and officials of the General Secretariat of theCouncil of Ministers as well as several representatives of government ministries and provincial councils and sector Acial.oodhav statement that the conference celebrated the Iraqi government 'sdecision , which imposes the use of documents unified tenders for All government projects. Theconference also saw the launch of "development management software developer (IDMS) and thesystem updated contracts" designed to achieve a more effective management of projects thegovernment 's development and well - funded development by donor projects in Alarac.oohar statement that he will be the main reforms crucial role in ensuring management fair and transparent public funds. The process of improving economic asset management of the country 'svital factor contributes to strengthening infrastructure and improving the quality of services provided to citizens congratulated US Ambassador Stuart Jones , the Government ofIraq on these new reforms, stressing its implementation at the national and local levels Bamahafezat.onql statement from the ambassador as saying that these new reforms will help in thesupervision of the capital investment of the government 's budget, worth 400 billion US dollars, as well as that these reforms are of their importance in solving the problem of delays that led to thesuspension of nearly 4,000 projects, noting that it will ensure the availability of better prospects forthe government to sign contracts solid with reputable companies which reduces conflicts, corruption and waste to a degree Kberh.oakhtaatm statement that the US Embassy in Iraq, and through project management reform "thread" is funded by the United States Agency for international development, it supports the efforts of the Government of Iraq 's efforts to build the capacity of inorder to provide better services for Iraqi citizens.