[size=17] BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq deputy ruled out for the National Alliance, the success of the reforms carried out by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which announced since August Almadi.oukal Razak Alehidreeva a press statement today: "We have to proceed with reforms, the Prime Minister is obliged commissioned but needs a temporary-drawn plan according to the possibilities either that there will be just a call for reforms and the appointment of directors instead of others will not work without the presence of the court and the Organization of scientific and realistic plan in addition to the facilities available. "he explained that" the issue of change is not feasible as far as there is a better alternative and if the change was not for the better, he will be in vain, noting that he "should be reforms, according to a plan and in agreement with the other political forces," adding, "we demanded the prime minister to end the appointments acting in." said al-Haidari "can give the position of a character in order to test it and try it either keep the positions proxy this is true unsuccessful way. "he continued that" the Prime Minister is serious issue of reforms, but ruled out a success because the available potentials will not allow him to reform today there is a security problem and disagreements politically and everyone is hampering the cause of reforms so it has to be Abadi lure the political forces to this area so as to be unsettling for the descent into the field strength does not the feuding political blocs, as happened in the parliament. "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi relieved Tuesday, six of the commercial Bank and the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank and the bank's real estate industrial Bank and the agricultural Bank managers as well as in the national intelligence director with the Iraqi media network director and appointed others for them by proxy. the speaker of parliament, Prime Minister Salim al-Jubouri, in his decision to wait such appointments and re-examined, taking into account the constitution and reforms in order to achieve balance and prevent exclusivit[/size]