BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the MP from Maliki 's coalition Firdaus al - Awadi, Sunday, that the President of the Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani , has intentions of seekingnew ways to divide the country with the support of some anti-Iraqi nations including the United States Alomrakih.oukalt Awadi in a press statement today: " The Massoud Barzani opened theborders of the region in front of the Turkish forces to penetrate into the territory of the country, as well as permission to intervene in the internal affairs of the Federal Government , "indicating that" Barzani seeks through it to achieve the interests of the party away from the interests of Kurdistan ."She added that" Barzani has intentions of seeking which to divide the country with the support ofsome hostile to Iraq and supporting the project division countries , including the United States ,"adding that" failure would apply to his project because of the Kurdish opposition within theregion " , stressing the Council of Nineveh province, in the twenty - fifth of June, that the KRG use policy ethnic cleansing in some parts of Nineveh in preparation for inclusion in the region as part ofthe Barzani aimed at dividing the country project. The State of Law coalition, led by Nuri al -Maliki had previously issued a formal statement endorsing the call Massoud Barzani , to divide Iraq.