BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq agreed NATO commanders (NATO) , the 28 Saturday evening to promote the direct support they provide to the international coalition that the US - led fight Daash gangs including the use of aircraft [AWACS] and the training of the army Alaraca.osrah NATO Secretary - General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference after the summit: " the decision taken at a meeting of NATO leaders that includes the effective use of aircraft early warning and control system [AWACS] in support of the international coalition , which includes among its members allthe acceding countries to the alliance, in a clear reference to support the alliance All special operations to secure the region and the fight against terrorism , "adding that" the planes that will include the area of operations of international and Turkish - scale as well as the atmosphere of Syria and Iraq would contribute to strengthening the international coalition operations to fight Daash and maintaining the security of our partners and hit extremist terrorism , "noting that" the leaders ofNATO countries decided to also in this regard , agree to start training and take appropriate measures to build the Iraqi military capabilities in Iraq and the expansion of the alliance program ,which was intended to train Iraqi officers in Jordan . "he Stoltenberg" the NATO summit hasdecided to approve a new role for NATO in the middle of the Mediterranean , including the deployment of ships which in coordination with the European Union to stop human smuggling and dealing with refugees in addition to the cooperation with Tunisia to enhance security capabilities have ", he underlined that the NATO summit calls for strengthening the international efforts to findsolution to the conflict in Syria , which entered its sixth year in March and expresses its support for the efforts exerted by Jordan to shoulder the burden of the crisis ".ozkr a press statement issued by the summit following the conclusion of its work" the alliance calls for the strengthening ofcooperation between the Secretariat by the General Secretariat of the cooperation Council for theArab Gulf States, particularly in the area of exchange of information and data security and joint coordination so as to contribute to bringing security and stability in the region and the anti -terrorist operations. "