BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , said Under - Secretary - General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, in introducing his report to the UN Security Council on the implementation of resolution 2231 that Iran had violated international law by sending weapons to militias in Iraq, and the UN Security Council on July 20 has been adopted last year 's decision in 2231 and endorsed the comprehensive action plan on the nuclear agreement reached between Iran with the 5 + 1 group asthe Council heard a briefing by the Spanish Ambassador Roman Oyarzun as the principal tasks relating to the decision, and representative of the European Union Ambassador Joao Pedro Valley Daalmida as the joint Committee Coordinator . It focused Secretary General 's report on thetransport and nuclear activities , operations, and associated missiles ballistic, weapons, and also thefreezing of assets and a ban Ambassr.ujaet attitudes of Western countries and Russia differentiated between criticism of Iran to launch ballistic missiles and continuous threat to countries in theregion, while the Russian statement called for full abide by all parties to the agreement. rolled replies Iraqi reaction about the criticism of the UN for Iran, where Saad al - Hadithi said, media spokesman of the prime minister 's office today: «formal mechanism used in the processing and support Iraq 's weapons based on the joint coordination between the Iraqi government and other state base» he added operations in a statement to the newspaper «Middle East» that « the only channel based on the level of support arms is the only channel the government, which could deal with one states , which holds the provision of arms to Iraq, knowing that all the weapons provided to Iraq be for a price, and there are no weapons free of charge from any Country". The newborn: «It is possible to postpone the payment of some of the prices of weapons, but in the end buying and selling process, and the government is very keen on this issue, and can not allow any other channel at the level of arms». While State of Law coalition , who leads the Iraqi government stressed that « Tehran cooperates strongly with Iraq at the level of support weapons in the war against terrorism, but do not risk in dealing directly with the unofficial, such as the armed factions and popular crowd; they do not need it at all , because there is a good coordination at this level with the Iraqi government » . He said the leader of the coalition , Adnan al - Sarraj told the newspaper «Middle East» in response to a UN report accused Iran of violating international law by providing weapons to armed groups in Iraq that « the military cooperation between Iraq and Iran , the offerer and theknowledge of the United Nations and the United States, and add to that the fact that Iran has a good relationship with the Shiite armed factions does not justify them, with the presence of an elected Iraqi government, to send weapons directly to these factions not in the time of al - Maliki and al -Abadi today, where Tehran is keen not to risk this good coordination relationship », pointing out that «central goal behind the keenness of the previous and the current Iraqi government in terms ofgun control that comes from several countries including the United States, Iran, Germany, France and the other was due to be confined in her hand and non - proliferation , however outlawed» He added: « the Iraqi government 's position is clear in terms of the parties weapon, which is accepted from any international party , provided it respects Iraqi sovereignty, which is what happened inrelation to American attempts to give the Sunni tribal weapons directly, where they had raised anuproar in this regard that it became clear that Washington hand him over to the Iraqi government ,which distributes the Sunni tribes , in order to know its origin and its numbers ».sv OS all have militias popular crowd other weapons:« other than those granted by her Iraqi government, one ofthe booty obtained by the result of the war with (Daash), a variety of weapons and different areas », explaining that Iran ultimately does not want to strengthen the faction to faction account, and have different attitudes and opinions of some parties and factions ».