BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed to the Committee on Agriculture and Water parliamentary, Tuesday, that the UNESCO vote on the annexation of the marshes andarchaeological sites on the World Heritage List is not required Turkey and Iran to increase water releases in favor of Alarac.oukalt Committee member sunrise Alabegi in a press statement today: "The UNESCO vote on the annexation of the marshes and archeological sites on the World Heritage list would make it an international protectorate available its environmental and natural order and under the supervision of international and global bodies care, as well as to maintain the heritage enjoyed by those areas and work on not Andtharh , "indicating that" the decision does not need tobe both sides Iranian and Turkish increase water releases for Iraq . "She added that" placed increased water releases is due to the extent of success of the Baghdad negotiations with Ankara and Tehran , "pointing out that" Iraq Bamcnh exploitation vote by UNESCO as a pressure on those countries at the increase in water releases ".ousotaat UNESCO in United Nations, last Sunday, to join the marshes and archeological sites in the World Heritage list, despite the objection of Turkey and Azerbaijan.