BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the MP high Nassif Reform Front , on Saturday, thatthe selection of the members of the Committee on Constitutional amendments by the leaders of thepolitical blocs is "lied" to the people .fima demanded the head of the House of Representatives that includes the Committee on Constitutional Amendments personas bills and experienced. Nassif said in a statement today: that the Committee on constitutional amendments and revision of theconstitution that was previously formed in the House of Representatives failed did not achieve any result, including the committee formed under the chairmanship of Sheikh Hamoudi , because theyare formed according to the whims of the political blocs were to choose its members in accordancewith the principle of quotas and consensus without considering to standard experience in the legal and constitutional field and the foundations required by the constitutional amendments. It added that the repetition of previous experiments failed in the selection of members of the Committee onConstitutional amendments in accordance with the quotas is a lie to the people wondering what thebenefit that comes partisan personalities want to achieve their goals through constitutional amendments?. What 's the use of coming the same faces that wrote the Constitution in this way that it is? .ohddt Nassif on the need to include the Committee on Constitutional Amendments of the finds in the same competence and ability and has the experience of members of the House and not fromthe leaders of the political blocs in order to avoid a repeat of the failure in the previous committees.