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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Oil price forecasts confined within 45 - $ 50


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Oil price forecasts confined within 45 - $ 50

Post by rocky on Sat 30 Jul 2016, 2:50 am

Oil price forecasts confined within 45 - $ 50

7/30/2016 0:00 

[rtl] Capitals - Reuters 
said some analysts said the declines in oil prices in the recent period exaggerated ,especially since demand remains strong despite concerns about economic growth in thefuture. 
Because of the abundance of supply current that Goldman Sachs US said week: he does not expect a significant recovery of prices soon . The bank said: «We still expect oil prices to remain confined in a range between $ 45 and $ 50 a barrel until mid - 2017 with a penchant risk the short term to the downward trend.» 
And at the same level jumped Iranian oil exports to the four largest buyers in Asia , 47.1 percent on the basis of Yearly in June to reach its highest level in more than four years in a new sign that Tehran 's strenuous efforts to regain market share lost under the weight of sanctions bear fruit. Iran and regain market share at a faster pace than expected by analysts since the lifting of the sanctions in January with the support of theavailability of more tankers her through a temporary solution to the problem of marine insurance. Powerful Iranian oil sales may remain with the reduction of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries producers (OPEC) crude sales prices in August shipments to Asia and the Mediterranean region and Sidi Krier Egyptian port as part of an ongoing effort to regain market share in these areas after the lifting of sanctions. 
Amounted to Tehran 's oil sales its highest level in four and a half years in June to reach nearly doubled since December , after the lifting of sanctions on its oil exports in January. Through raw sell less than the Saudi and Iraqi oil prices Iran attracted new customers in countries such as Poland and spurred increased demand from buyers current in Asia. 
Government data showed the other track the movement of ships to the four Asian countries , South Korea, Japan, China, India imported 1.72 million barrels of oil per day Iran in June. And published Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on Friday , official data suggest to buy Japan nearly three times what it imported a year ago to reach its imports of Iranian crude to about 275 thousand barrels per day in the last month. 
It should be noted that oil prices fell on Friday to a new level is the lowest since April with slowing economic growth , which threatens to exacerbate the current glut in crude supply and refined products. 
was trading global benchmark Brent crude futures price of $ 42.51 , down 19 cents or 0.4 percent from the previous settlement. 
and dropped the price of WTI US mediator 26 cents , or 0.6 percent , to $ 40.88 a barrel, down from $ 41 for the first time since April. 
the Van fell about 20 percent from the last Summit of the Bulgaha in June.[/rtl]


Oil price forecasts confined within 45 - $ 50


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