Baghdad / Iraq News Network Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Thursday, for a new law to regulate the work of government banks, is done within the Commission. As pointed out that this law will cancel all previous laws Balmassarv.oukal Committee member Ahmed Sarhan in apress statement today: "There is a special law the government banks, and that this law is under study and discussion in the Finance Committee . " He added Ahmed, that "this law will cancel all previous laws on banks, this will be the law legally united them . "he continued," The Committee began the first law of reading and up to now has not been completed, being composed of 22 illegal substance was writing several observations around ".ofatt member of the committee to that, "Wehave asked the bank managers to provide feedback about the law , " noting that " the Commissionis working out the law of a new form of legal texts serve the banking of movement for citizens andthe government" , stressing Ahmed, said : "next week will also be for this law addressed within theCommission, for the purpose of accelerating done , " .