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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Larry White: First Step in Global De-Dollarization


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Larry White: First Step in Global De-Dollarization

Post by Lobo on Mon 15 Aug 2016, 4:27 pm

Larry White: First Step in Global De-Dollarization
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August 13, 2016TDC Media, TDC Video, TDC WorksBy The Daily Coin

The Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is probably one of the least sexy topics a person could discuss. While it is far from sexy, it may be the single most important topic over the coming year(s). With some of the changes that are currently being discussed we should all be doing our best to spend a little time to introduce ourselves to this little known “unit of account” or “global fund” or “IMF money”. Since we, the citizens of the world, do not come in contact with this form of “funding” it is not usually discussed or thought about.

If you are concerned about our current economic and financial system problems the SDR could be one of the changes that comes to town as a new way for the global monetary planners to overhaul the entire system. What has happened in the past few days clearly shows there are changes afoot. You may have read or heard voices discussing the BIS is going to introduce $5,000 gold. That may happen, however, in order to get to that step there are a great many changes that must first take place. The first change that must take place is the 0.01% that own all the important corporations and all the important real estate must be willing to give up their tool of choice to maintain control – the U.S. dollar and the war machine that backs the dollar.
The first step in this change was announced on August 12, 2016 when the World Bank approved the first issuance of the SDR Bond through China. The significance of this new SDR Bond is that it will be issued as an SDR, however, it will be redeemable in the Chinese currency, Renminbi (RMB). Anyone that purchases these bonds will have the option of replacing their reserve of U.S. Treasury bonds. As more time passes and more SDR Bonds are issued you can see how this has the potential to have a direct impact on the U.S. economy and global financial systems since the U.S. dollar is the worlds reserve currency. Big changes could happen over the coming months and years. Nothing is going to change next week or even by the years end, unless one of the thousands of Black Swans does a nose-dive and blows the system apart. Anythings possible, but under normal circumstances the changes will be gradual. We are merely introducing the SDR and the first step that has just been taken.
I sat down with Larry White, LoneStarWhiteHouse, as he is one of the few people that have been following the SDR, reporting on the communique’s coming from the BIS and IMF and is in regular contact with former IMF officials as well as people like Jim Rickards and Willem Middlekoop. Larry is well studied and addresses these issues from a realistic perspective that anyone can understand and follow along.
Larry does a fantastic job of introducing the SDR and we get into some of the issues surrounding how the Group of 30, IMF, BIS and central banks around the world operate and the some of the policies that have been foisted upon the citizens of the world. If you have an interest in understanding what is happening behind the scenes with the currency wars, the coming monetary changes and the potential impact on our lives I would encourage you to listen to this very informative conversation.

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