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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Sanders The Sellout Backed Hillary For Money and A Brand New THIS


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Sanders The Sellout Backed Hillary For Money and A Brand New THIS

Post by Lobo on Tue 16 Aug 2016, 2:06 pm

Sanders The Sellout Backed Hillary For Money and A Brand New THIS

July 26, 2016 Michael Smith Uncategorized

Recently, some interesting news has surfaced regarding Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.  According to a recently leaked memo, “the Bernie Sanders campaign considered asking the Democratic National Convention” for a private jet as a part of his endorsement of Hillary Clinton so that his “movement” can continue.
This memo, called “End Game”, was created on June 5, just two days before the start of the California Primary, and was first discovered by after it was casually left at a Los Angeles hotel room, where Sanders’ campaign staff were staying.
The memo contained detailed information on “key decisions” the Sanders Campaign would be making after the June 7 Primaries. Also included in the memo were “options open to it(the Sanders Campaign) to maintain momentum behind the Vermont senator.”
Although many of Bernie’s supporters have expressed a desire for him to remain in the Presidential race, the memo clearly shows that even his campaign team knew that that wouldn’t be happening.
According to Sanders’ own campaign, Sanders’ “leverage would diminish” as the Convention draws closer.”
Furthermore, the memo stated
“As we get closer to the convention the pressure from the Democratic Party to preserve unity will weigh more and more heavily on us rather than Clinton.”
The memo also included the following provision:
“Some Sanders supporters/endorsers will also begin to call for a concession and some may goes as far as moving their support to Clinton.”
The memo is four pages long, but it is also four pages of vital information on the Sanders’ campaign’s strategy and plans when publicly the media was praising it for staying in the presidential race for as long as it did.
One of the paragraphs in the four page memo, called ” Fall Campaign”, shows that right before the DNC, the Sanders Campaign “should open negotiations with DNC leaders on how Sanders could be most helpful” in the days leading up to the November Presidential election.

What’s more, one of the suggestions in the memo was that the campaign should “request a plane and staff for a series of fall rallies in battleground states” to be paid for by the DNC.

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