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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US


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    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Empty 'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US

    Post by Lobo Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:43 pm

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Election -


    “When All Else Fails, They Take You To War” –  Gerald Celente

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Nukes
    By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
    The story from CNN last Friday asked 'why is there renewed tension in the Ukraine' after the nation ordered its troups to the highest level of combat readiness. We get one possible answer according to former Clinton insider Larry Nichols as heard in the 1st video below, the world is only 'one mistake away from nuclear war'. The story from Zero Hedge Friday told us that Russian President Vladimir Putin had flown into Crimea as the Ukraine 'prepares for an invasion' by Russia after Ukrainian President Poroshenko made a shocking claim on Ukrainian national TV, the simmering conflict with Russia may be set to explode again: “the probability of escalation and conflict remains very significant," Poroshenko warned, adding, "we don’t rule out full-scale Russian invasion."
    According to this recent story from Awareness Act, we're also told that the nation of China has OFFICIALLY ORDERED its citizens to prepare for WW3. As we also learn in the 2nd video below, the 'threat of nuclear war' is not only very real at this moment in time but is coming at a time that it could conveniently hijack the US elections. Interestingly enough, another new story from Zero Hedge tells us about a leaked memo proving that Hillary Clinton supporter and 'war criminal' George Soros pushed Greece into supporting the coup in Ukraine as shared in the 2nd video, while painting Russia as 'the enemy'
    This story from Justin Raimondo over at tells us that 2016 may well witness an 'October Surprise'...though they warn it may be coming in SeptemberAnother new story from Zero Hedge asks if World War 3 is possible and the answer we get is not unexpected: "Definitely! But Let's Pray Not!"
    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US UTE-4-960x300-sans-button

    This recent story from End Time Ministries tells us that WW3 will be 'the entrance ramp for the antichrist' while warning us that billions will likely die and the question shouldn't be 'WILL there be a World War 3 in our future?' but 'WHEN will World War 3 be in our future?' Warning us that it will be the 'war of all wars', we hear in the final video below why the threat of nuclear war isn't fear porn at all as some continue to scream but our 'very real possible future reality' where everyone loses. 

    The recent story from the Daily Star tells us that both the US and China's militaries are 'preparing for war which could cripple the world'. Warning that such a war would not only plunge the world into total chaos and destroy the global economy, we're also told such a war could destroy both countries though their 'disclaimer' leads us to ask a few questions. Informing us that a war 'today' between China and the US would be 'easily won' by the US but the same war fought in 10 years would result in the US being clobbered makes us wonder, is that why the US appears to be 'chomping at the bit' for war now? 

    We're told that 'black clouds' are on the horizon as both the US and China 'arm themselves to the teeth' in preparation for what we pray never comes, a nightmarish scenario that would quickly lead to the 'end of the world as we know it'. 

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Nuclear_bombs_nuclear_explosions_j_robert_oppenheimer_bhagavad_gita_atomic_bomb_1920x1200_wallpa_www.miscellaneoushi.com_69

    Nonetheless, the propaganda war is clearly heating up on all sides of this latest 'world war 3' scare and as we've previously reported on ANP, if nuclear war happens and goes global, there are no 'winners', only losers.

    While this Kyiv Post story tells us that Putin has gone on a verbal attack against the Ukraine, raising fears of escalation while this story from the Inquistr told us that Russia had increased military activity in Crimea by sending in tanks, the mainstream media is completely ignoring the roles of George Soros and Hillary Clinton in the destabilization that took place in the Ukraine in the first place.

    Providing us with what might be another perfect example of Hillary's 'foreign policy decisions' blowing up in America's faces, can America afford to allow her in the White House and anywhere near the nuclear codes that could lead us to utter devastation? As we've reported before on ANP, according to several 'Russian insiders' living here in America, should war break out between the two nuclear superpowers, America will soon lie in ruins.

    As Susan Duclos told us in a story on ANP last October, if nuclear war were to break out between the US and Russia and Russia was completely destroyed, Russia's 'dead hand' system would still take over and launch ICBM's anyways in an automatic 'doomsday' response against the US, virtually guaranteeing our complete destruction despite Russia's annihilation.

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Castle_Bravo_Blast

    According to Dmitry Orlov, a Russian living in the US, the very last thing that Russia wants is war with America. However, Orlov warns that if it were to happen, most of us would soon thereafter be dead. His warning shared below shouldn't fall on deaf ears for it if does, all of humanity loses.:

    We, the undersigned, are Russians living and working in the USA. We have been watching with increasing anxiety as the current US and NATO policies have set us on an extremely dangerous collision course with the Russian Federation, as well as with China.

    Many respected, patriotic Americans, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Cohen, Philip Giraldi, Ray McGovern and many others have been issuing warnings of a looming a Third World War. But their voices have been all but lost among the din of a mass media that is full of deceptive and inaccurate stories that characterize the Russian economy as being in shambles and the Russian military as weak—all based on no evidence.

    But we—knowing both Russian history and the current state of Russian society and the Russian military, cannot swallow these lies. We now feel that it is our duty, as Russians living in the US, to warn the American people that they are being lied to, and to tell them the truth.

    And the truth is simply this: If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US SaganCarl-Matches500x250px

    Orlov continues, telling us what might happen if war were to break out between the US and Russia. It's not a pretty picture. 

    If tomorrow a war were to break out between the US and Russia, it is guaranteed that the US would be obliterated. At a minimum, there would no longer be an electric grid, no internet, no oil and gas pipelines, no interstate highway system, no air transportation or GPS-based navigation. Financial centers would lie in ruins. Government at every level would cease to function. US armed forces, stationed all around the globe, would no longer be resupplied. At a maximum, the entire landmass of the US would be covered by a layer of radioactive ash. We tell you this not to be alarmist, but because, based on everything we know, we are ourselves alarmed. If attacked, Russia will not back down; she will retaliate, and she will utterly annihilate the United States.

    The US leadership has done everything it could to push the situation to the brink of disaster. First, its anti-Russian policies have convinced the Russian leadership that making concessions or negotiating with the West is futile. It has become apparent that the West will always support any individual, movement or government that is anti-Russian, be it tax-cheating Russian oligarchs, convicted Ukrainian war criminals, Saudi-supported Wahhabi terrorists in Chechnya or cathedral-desecrating punks in Moscow. Now that NATO, in violation of its previous promises, has expanded right up to the Russian border, with US forces deployed in the Baltic states, within artillery range of St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, the Russians have nowhere left to retreat. They will not attack; nor will they back down or surrender. The Russian leadership enjoys over 80% of popular support; the remaining 20% seems to feel that it is being too soft in opposing Western encroachment. But Russia will retaliate, and a provocation or a simple mistake could trigger a sequence of events that will end with millions of Americans dead and the US in ruins.

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US King-World-News-Gerald-Celente-The-Great-Panic-Of-2015-Is-Now-On-1728x800_c

    Unlike many Americans, who see war as an exciting, victorious foreign adventure, the Russians hate and fear war. But they are also ready for it, and they have been preparing for war for several years now. Their preparations have been most effective. Unlike the US, which squanders untold billions on dubious overpriced arms programs such as the F-35 joint task fighter, the Russians are extremely stingy with their defense rubles, getting as much as 10 times the bang for the buck compared to the bloated US defense industry. While it is true that the Russian economy has suffered from low energy prices, it is far from being in shambles, and a return to growth is expected as early as next year. Senator John McCain once called Russia “A gas station masquerading as a country.” Well, he lied. Yes, Russia is the world’s largest oil producer and second-largest oil exporter, but it is also world’s largest exporter of grain and nuclear power technology. It is as advanced and sophisticated a society as the United States. Russia’s armed forces, both conventional and nuclear, are now ready to fight, and they are more than a match for the US and NATO, especially if a war erupts anywhere near the Russian border.

    But such a fight would be suicidal for all sides. We strongly believe that a conventional war in Europe runs a strong chance of turning nuclear very rapidly, and that any US/NATO nuclear strike on Russian forces or territory will automatically trigger a retaliatory Russian nuclear strike on the continental US. Contrary to irresponsible statements made by some American propagandists, American antiballistic missile systems are incapable of shielding the American people from a Russian nuclear strike. Russia has the means to strike at targets in the USA with long-range nuclear as well as conventional weapons.

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US 119375-bomb-shelter-quotes

    At ANP, we'll continue to pray that 'cooler heads prevail' and nuclear war is avoided, for the sake of our children and all future generations of Americans and people all across the world. In nuclear war, it doesn't matter what our political beliefs are nor does it matter the color of our skins or any of the other small things that divide us; in nuclear war, all are cremated equally. You can read the rest of Dmitry's Orlov's warning here.
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    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Empty Ukraine is the Aggressor

    Post by ksp Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:16 pm

    Crimea subversion group included professional secret service officers

    By Ian Greenhalgh on August 11, 2016

    The video recording with Yevgeny Panov's confessions was aired by Rossiya'24 news channel

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US 1142655-640x412
    It will come as little surprise that the leader of the Ukrainian team captured at Perekop, the narrow isthmus taht connects Crimea to Ukraine has admitted that Kiev was responsible for planning and carrying out the operation. Specifically, he said that he says the operation was planned and prepared by the Office of the Chief of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. I  am fairly certain that this incident marks the start of renewed provocations and aggression by Kiev, possibly including an all-out offensive against the Donbass republics. 
    Yevgeny Panov, the supposed leader of the Ukrainian subversive group seized in Crimea, has made a confession stating that secret service career officers had been members of the group in charge of preparing sabotage attacks.
    The video recording with his confessions was aired by Rossiya’24 news channel.
    “The groupincluded the professional intelligence officers Alexander Kirillov (codename Kirill), someone Dmitry by name, and Oleg Litvinenko (codename Dog Fox). Also, the group includes Sambul Alexei (codename Sigh), and a guy whose first name or surname I don’t know but who has the codename Deshikh,” Panov said.
    The Russian Federal Security Service said on Wednesday, August 10, that it had detained a group of Ukrainian saboteurs near the city of Armyansk (Crimea) and that it had prevented terrorist attacks in Crimea prepared by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s main intelligence directorate. The FSB said their planned targets were critically important infrastructure and life support facilities.
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    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Empty Ukraine’s Crimea attack goes down in flames

    Post by ksp Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:22 pm

    Ukraine’s Crimea attack goes down in flames

    Column: Politics
    Region: Ukraine in the world

    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US 235071237-300x193“I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it. ~ Marlon Brandon, from On the Waterfront
    Ukraine continues its saga of a Shakespearian tragedy with its latest example of “the gang that can’t shoot straight”. Enough time has passed since the attempted terror attacks on Crimea to not only confirm what really happened, but also to gauge world response to it. Both are bad news for Ukraine, who has played the sad roll of the aging boxer volunteering itself to be used and abused.
    Most pundits were anticipating the West’s automatic support of Kiev plus another barrage of “Russian aggression” charges, aided by the claim that Moscow made the whole story up. But I was less sure. Putin doesn’t do make believe. It is beneath him.
    Over the summer we had the continuing buildup of Kiev attacks along the Donbass truce line, punctuated by the severe wounding of Igor Plotnitsky, head of the Luhansk People’s Republic, in a car bomb assassination attempt. He is lucky to be alive.
    All eyes were instantly on Kiev as the number one suspect attempting a decapitation attack in advance of new pending hostilities. So reports of the Russian Security Forces intercepting a large terrorist sabotage unit entering northern Crimea and the ensuing shoot out came as no surprise.
    Given the history of Kiev’s fractured post-coup command structure, and since the Ukie volunteer battalions have engaged in all kinds of rogue attacks and atrocities on their own initiative, or given the possibility of a rogue military faction with Rada backing, we could not instantly blame Kiev for being behind the attack. We waited for further developments.
    The FSB nails Ukraine’s Defence Ministry
    We did not have to wait long for a confirmed suspect, as the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) August 10th press release confirmed the attacks were planned by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Intelligence Dept. The initial attack was on the evening of August 6 and 7, where the explosives and weapons cache was captured after a shootout, along with two suspects who were captured and confessed.
    But despite the blown first mission, Ukraine Special Forces attempted two border penetrations on the evening of August 8th, assisted by heavy fire from armored vehicles on the Ukraine side. Another Russian security officer was killed. We still have no confirmed numbers on killed or wounded Ukrainians. Military experts were aghast that Ukraine would attempt another border attack when Crimean forces were obviously on full alert. There was a suspicion that we were watching an act of desperation, but what for?
    Kiev’s lunacy continued with a new surprise by asking for a UN Security Council meeting to review the incident. Although this was a nonpublic event, it did give the Russian ambassador the opportunity to get his evidence of the attacks on the record, and the motion was a huge mistake by Ukraine. While news outlets waited for the expected Western support for Kiev, none was forthcoming.
    Vice President Joe Biden could only come up with a plea for “urging restraint” on both sides, essentially a diplomatic non response. From Europe there was no response at all, to speak of. NATO, which often places itself in the Russian basher role, made itself an utter spectacle through its statement:
    “We note that Ukraine has strongly rejected Russia’s accusations, and made clear that Kiev is devoted to restoring its territorial integrity exclusively through political and diplomatic means. We further note that Russia has not provided any tangible evidence for its accusations against Ukraine.”
    An EU spokesman followed suit with a similar “no proof” assertion. But the larger point is that no one was supporting Kiev’s claims, as if they already knew better. Mind you that NATO and the EU were onboard all the endless claims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the MH17 shoot down, where Kiev’s showing any verifiable evidence did not seem to matter.
    What some experts felt might have been a ploy by Kiev to set up Russia for making a fake terror attack claim – a ploy that the West would immediately support in order to use as a continuing sanctions extension tool – blew up in its face. Many feel that Kiev would not have taken such a gamble on its own without some prearranged support from a major Western backer.
    Ukraine’s Three Stooges terror recruits
    So now we must consider that Kiev or a rogue faction inside the Defense Ministry might have done this on its own. And there is some evidence for that in the amateurish aspects of the mission, where disposable flunkies seemed to have been used instead of deep-cover, highly trained operatives.
    The confession of the saboteur captured seven days earlier, Ridvan Suleymanov, who had been assigned to scout the Simferopol airport and bus station for good places to plant bombs, provides us a good example. Not only was he ordered to scout locations for bombs, but also to plant a fake one. But then the plot gets more bizarre. He was ordered to call the bomb threat in using a three-way call, with the handler on the phone to prove that the call had been made. This made the handler traceable on the call.
    But it gets crazier still. The handler wanted the fake bomb planter to wait at the airport and take photos of the Crimean authorities responding to the call, but of course they arrested the guy taking photos of them.
    Once the saboteur pretending to be a Jihadi had called in the bomb threat, his cel phone location would have shown him at the airport. The police would have contacted the camera surveillance people at the airport to begin reviewing their tapes for anyone putting packages into possible bomb locations. These are the kinds of mistakes that no professional operative and handler would ever make…only inexpensive rookies.
    What does this do to Minsk II?
    Kiev is twisting in the wind at this point. In addition, Putin has canceled the Normandy Four meetings that had been planned for the sidelines of the G-20, which is a reasonable move after Kiev’s backers grossly abused the Minsk II accords as a sanctions trap for Moscow. NATO’s France and Germany, which were supposed to guarantee Kiev’s compliance to the ceasefire, have never done their job, and shamelessly exhibit little concern or embarrassment.
    Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has reached out to Putin to discuss repairing relations in their post-Brexit new world, and the UK’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson was quick to follow up on this topic with Lavrov two days later. The game board is changing.
    Germany’s FM Steinmeier meets Lavrov on August 15th, as his boss Merkel is also leaning toward normalization with Russia. What we may be seeing with these recent Kiev provocations is an attempt to delay Western rapprochement with Russia by using the only card it feels it has to play – cranking up the hostilities with the Republics to force the West to intercede on its behalf. This is a dangerous roll of the dice, nonetheless.
    Prime Minister Medvedev has said that a break in diplomatic relations is definitely a possibility if Kiev’s attacks continue AND the West does nothing to stop them. If Moscow were to walk out on Minsk 2, where would that leave the Western manipulators and their puppet government in Kiev?
    West’s Foreign Policy is another overaged boxer
    Another geopolitical boomerang surfaced out of the blue with China’s offer of a military alliance with Russia to counter the West’s push toward a new Cold War containment strategy. And, Turkey, with its fast improving Russian relations, is also in play with its accusing the US and NATO of backing a Gulen coup against Erdogan. The Turkish Stream project has already gotten the green flag, with Turkey getting half the gas flow and Russia getting a hard fought pipeline foothold into the southern EU gas market, making the Saudis very unhappy.
    If the Syrian War gets wrapped up somehow, we might see a number of countries begin to worry about where all those hard-core, trained jihadis are going to go to next.
    I said it when it started, and will repeat it again. The US policy of regime change has been a disaster – economically and militarily for the US, and for all the families in the various victimized countries.
    They have been destroyed over what was always a scam by the military industrial complex gang and their shady friends to make some big money via the worldwide mayhem they love so much. It is way past time we turned that around on them while we still can.
    Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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    'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Empty Re: 'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US

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