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US newspaper: the (KGB) recruited by the Palestinian president for 33 years


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US newspaper: the (KGB) recruited by the Palestinian president for 33 years

Post by rocky on Fri 09 Sep 2016, 3:51 am

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
US newspaper: the (KGB) recruited by the Palestinian president for 33 years

Author: HAA, HH 
Editor: BK, HH 9.9.2016 11:25 Number ofViews: 93 

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Revealed an American newspaper, on Friday, that the intelligence of the former Soviet Union, the (KGB) recruited by the current Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, 33 years ago, while confirming that the Palestinian officials denied the "allegations" and its enemy Israeli attempt to "desperate and funny to undermine Abbas's efforts to obtain internal and external support ".
The New York Times (The New York Times), in a report I followed (range Press), "The archival documents on file with the British University of Cambridge obtained during the collapse of the former Soviet Union showed no indication that the current Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ( Abu Mazen) was an agent of the KGB, which was known as the (KGB) in the era of the eighties of the last century, specifically in 1983, and knew the symbol (Mole) any secret agent. "
The newspaper added that "the news raised by the Israeli press, the first on Wednesday, (the seventh of September 2016), came in conjunction with the presence of Abbas in Moscow to meet President Vladimir Putin as the latter seeks to mediate conduct new peace talks between Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu" , noting that "the Palestinian officials were quick to refute that charge, considering it is a desperate attempt by the Israelis to undermine Abbas' attempts to get support at home and abroad, describing the allegations as ludicrous".
Quoted the New York Times, for a researcher Gideon Remez, from the Truman Institute in Jerusalem Hebrew University, who revealed the Russian documents, saying it was "important to raise this issue because Abbas was three decades ago is now an agent of the (KGB), where Putin was then an officer in the rank of colonel device. "
For her part, the researcher Isabella Gaynor, according to the newspaper, "The past Abbas illustrates the validity of the information is the continuity of the influence of the Russian him influence, we do not know what happened after that whether Abu Mazen continued Soviets service or not," afterthought said, "but being now president of the authority Palestinian, it may be in support of him. "
She explained the New York Times, that "the document on Abbas was among the thousands of other files that have been taken away from Russia after the Soviet Union, the fall and converted to British intelligence by the former, its agent in the (KGB) Vazla Mitrokhin, who spent years reproduces confidential documents by hand, action by which a treasure trove of information used by analysts and Western historians in their research, which became known as the Mitrokhin archive ".
The paper said that those "documents currently stored in two volumes in the Churchill Archives Center at the University of Cambridge, which is available to the public two years ago."
Quoted the New York Times, for researchers Remez and Gaynor, he "found a those entitled spokesman Abbas document, while they were looking for information related to the Soviet intervention in the Middle East."
The researchers said, they "found a document on behalf of Mahmoud Abbas generated, in 1935 in Palestine, and categorized as a client of the (KGB) in Damascus, and marked by the symbol Krotov Russian synonyms for the word secret agent", stressing that "Abbas is actually born in 1935 in Palestine and that in the year 1948 and after the formation of the state of Israel and his family fled to Syria, where he grew up in Damascus and educated. "
The first government of Israeli television channel confirmed, the first on Wednesday, (September 72 016), he got the documents were smuggled and diversion from the archives of intelligence of the former Soviet Union, reveal recruit Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and other personal thousand in favor of the Russian intelligence.
But an official source in the Palestinian leadership, denied this, stressing that Israel did like this and more with President Arafat, which is boxed in headquarters in Ramallah in 2002, and they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on media international and Arab to tarnish his image, "the revolutionary and his struggle."
The source, who did not reveal his identity, that the Zionist movement "continues to deliberately distort the image of Haj Amin al-Husseini and the allegation that he was working with the Nazi Party of Hitler, returned to the" Israeli nonsense would not affect Abbas's dismissive attitude to recognize the Jewish state, whatever you do Tel Aviv " .

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