BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Class Global Peace Index in the last edition today, Iraq 's third most dangerous countries in the world in terms of living during the current year 2016 because of theviolence, and the lack of the elements of the safe life. The order of Iraq in the third level after Syria and South Sudan in terms of risk. Iraq has been since the year two thousand and three, and thereality that security dire, after the US occupation and the lack of Iraqi political forces and national able to create a safe environment free from the extremism and the presence of terrorist militias and other factions but has strengthened the regime in Iraq and sectarian killings and the control ofarmed militias on the military and security institutions and the collapse of the economic situation because of government corruption and control Daesh a third of Iraqi territory , which prompted 5 million Iraqis displaced to other areas. Iraq is since 2003 until now in the forefront of the world 'smost dangerous and breach of human rights and the dignity of the citizen wastage.