Baghdad / Iraq News Network confirmed the reform front, Tuesday, that the withdrawal ofconfidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari will not get as a result of political agreements and compromises to destroy the corrupted files threatened by Alojer.oukal MP front Ali al - Badri ,in a press statement today: " The political agreement was a clear class basis, to try not to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari , "noting that" Zebari board files of serious corruption of some leaders and leaders . "he added al - Badri, that" there are deals and bargains damage those dangerous files in exchange for survival and a minister , "pointing out that "all this isthe result of the political agreement and try dramatically not to withdraw confidence from the minister implement the orders of Balkan in his recent visit to Baghdad . " he continued, "there arebargains with the minister for being waved files of serious corruption, and if ever the political agreement does not think will withdraw confidence from the Minister financial "He pointed out that" the front relay diagnosed and proved up the political blocs establishing the principle of anagreement made on partisan interests or Ktheloah, not to the interests of the people ".ovcl the House of Representatives in achieving a quorum for sessions on the sixth and eighth month ofSeptember this result not to attend the House of Representatives session, which some saw that thereare bargains to keep the Finance Minister in his office for fear of disclosing the files pertaining toserious public money.