BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq spokesman mass citizen Habib Terminal on Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi did not end until now to complete the reshuffle and provide candidates remaining Wazzrarat, among the security and economic situation of the country is not likely to run three ministries sovereign Bolokulh.oukal Terminal in a press statement today: " the Abadi will not pose in today 's session candidates sovereign ministries , which promised to put them after the Eid holiday , " pointing out that " the security and the economic situation is unlikely to be administered three sovereign ministries by proxy . " he added, " the on - Abadi choosing ministers the same conditions and criteria that the selection of former ministers by the end ministries proxy administration , "explaining that" the choice of minister strayed situation experienced by thecountry difficult , ".zkr that Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi promised earlier, to submit a cabinet reshuffle that includes the ministries of interior and defense after the Eid al - Adha, stressing his intention to discuss this with the political blocs.