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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Specialists claim to strengthen citizen's confidence in banks in order to serve the national economy


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Specialists claim to strengthen citizen's confidence in banks in order to serve the national economy

Post by rocky on Tue 27 Sep 2016, 6:40 am

[size=37]Specialists claim to strengthen citizen's confidence in banks in order to serve the national economy[/size]

BAGHDAD - The Journal News
Commission said the economy and investment prosecution by olive-Dulaimi, said the central government's recent policies and decisions of private banks and government mechanisms had a positive effect on the Iraqi economic reality. "
She's (Journal News) that "most banks and financial institutions need funds to manage their financial obligations and the habitat granted Thagth.opent that there is a lack of trust between the citizen and the bank to deposit money, storage capacity and government banks, stressing that that confidence came to the presence of a deadly routine pursued by banks dealing with customers and we have watered down to suit the next stage. "
Indicating that the "civil and government banks can not be repellent to the heads of the funds deposited by the citizens and companies, contractors, and it needs to invest that money in ways that economic and positively."
On the other hand, he confirmed member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib's (Journal News) that "all banks, Rafidain and Rasheed need to be developed from the technology, stressing that the development of the piece will be only be the disbursement of funds by the central government for the development of their financial institutions."
And stated that "the laws on banks and approved by the regime race does not live up during this phase to support the Iraqi economy, stressing that those laws and government banks restricted in their work and their dealings with the citizen, noting that" the House of Representatives has legislation to support the banking package, but the questioning of officials, ministers mechanisms have delayed the adoption of important laws. "
For its part, Deputy Prime Iraqis and industrialists Economists Association on behalf of Jamil Antoine's (Journal News) that "the performance of the agricultural, industrial and real estate bank and housing fund needs to be required to support the Iraqi economy, support, adding that" the government should reconsider the development of the work of our banks. "
 He explained that "raise the red tape and bureaucracy and to refrain from downloading citizen health of the breasts in the banking documents and turn the energies of youth pays banks wheel forward and get rid of the economic effects suffered by the country."
Noting that "you can not raise the level of the bank without government support and give him a loan to be paid to citizens to be obtaining financial benefits.
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