BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq president of a coalition suggested Uniting for Reform Osama Najafi, Thursday, on the United Nations to form a higher council for the management of the crisis and policy development to her, and while calling to prepare for "worst case scenario", warned of the existence of a project to bring down Aovernmh.ozkr statement from the Office Najafi today, the latter "met with Jan Kubiš representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq ,who , during the meeting the efforts of the United Nations to support Iraq and help in eliminating Daesh as well as efforts in the area to help the displaced, and the willingness to receive any wave ofdisplacement can accompany edits Nineveh ".oaguetrah Najafi during the meeting, according to thestatement," The formation of a higher council for the management of the crisis and policy development to her, and the reconstruction of the city of Mosul after liberation , "noting" theimportance of having another committee made up of representatives of the central government andlocal government to follow to restore stability , "calling the United Nations to "prepare for thescenario of the worst with respect to the waves of displacement from Mosul . " the statement added that " it was at the meeting to discuss the political situation and the performance of the House ofRepresentatives and the government, following Najafi , the existence of the project is trying totopple the government by targeting its ministers, and we object to this method."