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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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It’s Working: Attacks From All Fronts Have Forced His Hand, Brand New Government


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It’s Working: Attacks From All Fronts Have Forced His Hand, Brand New Government

Post by Lobo on Wed 05 Oct 2016, 4:45 pm

It’s Working: Attacks From All Fronts Have Forced His Hand, Brand New Government
Posted by Eric Whittle | Oct 4, 2016 | Liberal Corruption, National Security

Damage Control: The Expression

Our government only works when its members are truthful. The number of times a politician says “let me be clear,” or “in the interest of transparency,” doesn’t hold any bearing on what they have actually done, are doing, or will do in the future. In fact, those statements have actually come to mean “what I am about to say is what I’d like you to hear.”
While their promises of crystal clear politics are being proudly proclaimed to the gullible masses, they work behind the scenes to ensure we never find out we’re being fooled. What were once called “conspiracy theories” have become verified conspiracies at the highest levels of government in the United States; and it was all thanks to information leaks.

A Baffling Amount
This creates a conflict within those same levels of government. Those trying to discredit and hide the truth split from those who seek to deliver justice as the founding fathers intended; with the full truth intact and out for all to see. Of the three major branches, the Legislative branch is the only one that has been able to hold out just long enough against the corruption. Congress stands out as an example. The Executive branch stands out as the direct opposite.
With these rolls of right and wrong established, the President of the United States would naturally try to keep information leaks concealed. Failing that, he would try to be the one to maintain authority over who decides what’s right and wrong. That’s precisely what Obama seeks to achieve with Executive Order number 13467, which was amended less than a week ago. Its stated goal is “to establish the roles and responsibilities of the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) and related matters.”

The language and jargon of government documents weren’t initially intended to confuse the reader, but to provide absolute clarity (there’s that word again). This Executive Order is one of those cases where the wording is a bit confusing.
That will be cleared right up. Three specific parts of the documented text will be provided, and then immediately followed by a translation to regular English, in the interest of transparency. If one wishes to skip it, the jargon will be in bold.
“(NBIB) means the National Background Investigations Bureau, established within the Office of Personnel Management with responsibility for conducting effective, efficient, and secure personnel background investigations pursuant to law, rule, regulation, or Executive Order.”
Translation: NBIB’s role is to investigate security clearances and breaches, including but not limited to Hillary Clinton’s email server. NBIB can then distribute justice as the President sees fit—so long as he can get around all those pesky laws and rules.

Laws Are For Poor People
“The Deputy Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget, shall serve as Chair of the Council and shall have authority, direction, and control over the Council’s functions.”

Translation: NBIB can select whomever it wants from a batch of Obama-approved officials to work on its council.
“[NBIB will] serve as the primary executive branch service provider for background investigations for eligibility for access to classified information; eligibility to hold a sensitive position; suitability or, for employees in positions not subject to suitability, fitness for Government employment; fitness to perform work for or on behalf of the Government as a contractor employee; and authorization to be issued a Federal credential for logical and physical access to federally controlled facilities and information systems”
How purposefully broad and vague of you, Mr. President. Translation: Obama and his approved officials get to decide who does and doesn’t get a security clearance, and who to take clearances away from. They also screen people and only hire those who they determine to be fit for top-level government jobs. Furthermore, NBIB can suggest that a government employee be fired—and then most likely will be. Lastly, NBIB will give a clearance ID to those it deems worthy of top-level government job.

“I Didn’t Know ‘C’ Meant Classified”
In summary, NBIB makes sure no secrets get out of the White House, State Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or anywhere else. Yes, secrets—not just classified information.
The NBIB was made by and for the President of the United States, and the officials on its council decide what to hide and what to show. Not in the interest of national security, but in the interest of the council, and, by extension and direct involvement, the President. This bureau decides what the public gets to hear on all matters. It can decide to review and fire any government employee at their discretion, and not necessarily in a lawful manner.
NBIB is tasked with investigating investigators, firing bosses, and taking away and giving security clearances.
There are already 10 million more government workers than manufacturing workers in the United States, and this just adds more. The new bureau will be hiring 8,500 people across four security firms to handle the grunt work.
The Defense Department, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Office of Management and Budget previously handled everything that will be given to NBIB in the coming months. Once the transition is made, there’s only one way to break up this information monopoly.
NBIB was created by an Executive Order. Congress could get rid of it by a two-thirds vote, but the Democrats and Republicans don’t see eye to eye on this issue. However, if a President was elected who was adamantly opposed to Barack Obama’s Executive Orders, that new President can simply override and remove them—all of them, if he wanted.
That’s exactly what Donald Trump intends to do. He promised to reverse “every single one of Obama’s executive orders” on day one of his Presidency. Whether or not that happens or just how many will be reversed remains to be seen.
But we can hope.

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