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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Jason Chaffetz gets torn to shreds on Facebook for dropping Trump


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Jason Chaffetz gets torn to shreds on Facebook for dropping Trump

Post by Lobo on Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:39 pm

Jason Chaffetz gets torn to shreds on Facebook for dropping Trump
Submitted by IWB, on October 9th, 2016

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Chris Lyons Open message to Speaker Paul Ryan and all the other “so called Establishment” Republicans: if you sell out and desert the Republican nominee for President, Donald J. Trump, there will be no Republican Party left standing after this election. That’s a promise. I’ve been a loyal Republican my entire adult life and supported each and every nominee for POTUS whether I liked them or not (Romney was a weak Clown). Hillary Clinton and the left are seeking to further destroy our once great Nation and Trump will restore common sense to our Nation’s leadership. That’s a fact. He’s not a Saint by any means but I’m not looking to make him my spiritual leader, I’m looking to put a grown up back in the WH. I will leave this party so quick it will make your heads spin if you continue to undermine Trump’s candidacy.
Kara Raymond Your BS withdrawl of endorsing of Trump is pathetic and transparent – you have stood by him all the way along. You put your party before your country. You are a political light weight.
Mary Signore I can’t believe, congressman, that you, of all people, would pull your support and worse, PUBLICLY pull your support for Trump.
So many, like myself, that look to YOU to stop corruption, elected to openly chastise Trump.. This just hurts the bigger picture of getting the horrible corruption and lying out of Washington. What was the bigger picture here?!?!?
What a horrible move, not just for people that do support his vision for the country, but for the betterment of the country!
However, for you to publicly announce it just furthers Hillary’s mission to take the media away from all the wiki links information that SHOULD be getting publicized is just awful.
Men, together, locker room talk, from a then playboy celebrity, (20years ago!) – To pounce on his behavior now! Really?
Obviously, this ammunition Hillary was holding onto till her speech exurbs were exposed.. Jason, you just gassed her explosion of destroying our only chance to change this country.
I’m just amazed you could do this or worse yet, do it publicly all over CNN.
You are not what I thought you were, and I hold back what I think of you.
Your former, biggest fan.
Brenda Marie All these women are offended Trump said the P word 11 years ago in a private conversation with another man. But 3 years ago they were all watching and reading 50 shades of Gray begging their BFS and husbands and any men to treat them like sex slaves….lmao this cracks me up!!! Stay classy my lady friends!!
Richard Martin
Just lost any and all respect for you tonight. We the people voted our choice and made it VERY CLEAR who we wanted for president yet you just stabbed him in the back over something he said to a two bit tabloid reporter 11 years ago??? Maybe you should just go and join the DNC you spineless worm!!!!
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Interacting Investor

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Re: Jason Chaffetz gets torn to shreds on Facebook for dropping Trump

Post by fonz1951 on Sun Oct 09, 2016 6:19 pm

i have been listening to this dribble too, and i must say, what a joke. first of all, there aren't many men in the world who haven't said things along the same lines as this, forever, so have a lot of women, you good and well know they do. now, secondly, trump apologized and said he would be a better man. now, his comments didn't cost anybody their life, didn't bring physical pain. now , let's move to hillary for just a minute. she was directly responsible for the life of 4 people in benghazi and has never made any and i mean any attempt to say a thing about it except to say; it was a long time ago, get over it, she even called the families of those 4 souls, liars. she is a known liar, thief, and supports this idea of globalization, she supports giving all illegals amnesty, she wants to bring 2 million more refugees to this country. wtf?  if we give 11 million illegals amnesty, then what? do we build the wall after that? or do we wait till we have 11 million more? sooner or later we are going to have no choice but build a wall! unvetted refugees you say there hillary, you must be a special kind of stupid to think that's a good idea. do we really want to fight terrorists in our streets? i sure don't . i am behind donald trump all the way, and if you are smart , you will be too.

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