Baghdad / Iraq News Network called the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, to protest against the decision toeliminate re - vice president of the republic to the chest Mnesbhm.oukal in a statement today: "Weare people who believe in respect for institutions, particularly the judicial ones , and we are thepeople we want to with these prestige institutions are and independence not to be , however dictatorial authority, and we are people who believe in the principle behooves the people and thepeople did not want corruption , we believe in the power of the people and Anfrd our views and our positions on one, and we hope our people struggling patient says as saying in front of the challengesof corruption and corrupt in order not to us sits another tyrant and gown else. " 
He said , "O people of Iraq principals via Over the years , your voice rises and Shi power above youO people , your money stolen and your rights rob and fired into your territory occupies and terrorism plays Bmekdratk and Kabk Dear heroic Iraqi people hope your after God 's great that will not tolerate injustice , we and you are his father , the injustice and the father of corruption , let us together to Nstr epic peaceful voice be heard and which will be held on Tuesday and appeared incourt at the time beyond the green Zone to reject the return of the corrupt and pin the whole , boththe vice President , or others who are uprooted reform, and trying to pin them great terror. " 
He pointed out the chest , "there is a line claiming to reform a pull out opponents and restores his loyalists Vtba to repair distasteful to Aeptdo himself and his followers by others, and today you are required to achieve victory for the marquee reform in front of the camp of corruption, especially weare in the month of reform to uproot corrupt of all aspects of the government to live free anddignified lives and to kick corruption counterfeiters in the elections because of the Commission does not shame them , but the bulk of Mavera enlisted soldier for a party or a certain ".ohdd" category should not be demonstrations , a certain class or a certain stream Valmasir your fate is not the fateof the party without the other hailed God reformers and bone God discharged on Sir reform and reformers , peace be upon him . " .