BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , said the Information Office of the Prime Minister, on Wednesday evening, the absence of any agreements or memorandums of understanding allows theentry of Turkish troops to land Alaracah.ozkr statement for prime minister today: he was " inresponse to the allegations and statements contrasting the Turkish side , which is trying to justifythe presence unacceptable for troops on the ground in Iraq, and of its joint press between Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu in Ankara conferencethe end of 2014 affirm that "there is in the memoranda of understanding signed between the two countries , nor in any other document references from near or far to allow the approval or requestthe presence of Turkish troops in Iraq . "He added that" what is put in the meetings between theprime ministers of the two countries , the training of some of the Iraqi police inside Turkey not toenter Turkish troops according to the protocol signed between the two countries in the year 2009, which explicitly states in Article [ 7] on the guests to obey the orders and directives, and training in Turkey does not call for it does not mean definitely approve the entry of Turkish ground troops with artillery and tanks without news or approval of the Iraqi government. " 
And "if the training request by the concept of the Turkish leadership calls for free access to military forces with their equipment without the consent of the host country, this means that Turkey issacked by the Israeli army to the presence of training on the Turkish ground between Turkey and Israel Association Agreement," pointing out that " the Turkish side show at that meeting to send troops to Iraq but rejected the offer outright for lack Iraq 's need for the use of forces ofneighboring countries , as that could open the prospects of a regional conflict, Iraq is not a party toit . "He continued that" the Turkish troops are not part of support for Iraq in the fight against terrorism Daesh international coalition , as he does not exist any fighter foreign forces have tanks and armor on the ground in Iraq is the incursion of the Turkish forces, "adding that" Iraqi forces are the only ones fighting on the ground in Iraq and Iraq did not asked any country to send combat troops to Iraq. " However , " The Iraqi government has not given any official approval or oral forthe entry of Turkish troops into Iraq is not in Ba'shiqah nor in the other did the Turkish troops that entered stealthily to the procedures governing the international coalition forces entering Iraq in terms of giving visas and approvals are subject . " He explained that he "There is not in thememoranda of understanding signed between the two countries , nor in any other document references from near or far to allow the approval or request the presence of Turkish troops in Iraq ," noting that "all the allegations and statements by the Turkish side about the presence of their troops were fabricated and unfounded of health and not in front of them , but to respect theneighborhood and withdraw their forces from Iraq and respect for national sovereignty. "