BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq stressed the economic and investment commission in parliament member Mohammed Abbas, on Thursday, that the trade exchange between Iraq and Turkey reached its peak at one billion and 800 million, indicating that the boycott of Turkish goods are compressed paper , however , the government Alaracah.oukal Abbas said in a statement press him today: "it is possible to interrupt Iraq Turkey economically government has its cards to save thecountry 's sovereignty , " adding that "there is a national consensus among most of the political forces to support the position of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in order to defend the sovereigntyof Iraq and prevent interference in its internal affairs in any way . "he added that" Iraq 'ssovereignty is a red line that can not be bypassed by any party, and the District of Turkey economically is a choice of several options , "pointing out that" trade between the two countries almost reached its peak at one billion and 800 million US dollars fell a little bit in the last period dueto the Syrian crisis and the disruption of road "He pointed out that" the Turkish cargo Province leverage to the government after the latest escalation between the two countries, and this decision we as a committee of economic We asked the Prime Minister to study these options in order to put pressure on the Turkish position, "he "support the boycott in absolute and Iraq 's possession ofother options . " and that "there is an alternative to Turkish goods because the Iraqi market isopen" is noteworthy that the Turkish troops entered last year into northern Iraq Ba'shiqah area north of the city of Mosul, under the pretext of training the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, but Baghdad was considered the entry of those forces, without its consent of aggression a flagrant on therule Alarac.ojaddedt Arab League call yesterday Turkey to respect Iraq 's sovereignty and refrain from statements and actions which are held Moagaf.ostdat the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, on Thursday,the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad and handed over a memorandum strongly worded protest.