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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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BREAKING: FREEDOM Of The Alternative Media PRESS Is Gone!


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BREAKING: FREEDOM Of The Alternative Media PRESS Is Gone!

Post by Lobo on Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:04 pm

BREAKING: FREEDOM Of The Alternative Media PRESS Is Gone! Multi-media Journalists Face Jail Time After Reporting On North Dakota Pipeline Protest!
Submitted by IWB, on October 16th, 2016

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by Pamela Williams
Investigative reporter, Amy Goodman, co-founder of DEMOCRACY NOW, is facing charges due to her reporting of the North Dakota Pipeline protest.  Her case is very much like alternative media’s reporter Pete Santilli who faced charges in the Oregon Standoff protest against the Bureau of Land Management in the Oregon and Arizona.  Eventually Santilli was released after spending time in prison; however, his online YouTube channel faced damages as he could not do his job while being held.
Goodman’s story was picked up by mainstream media outlets and networks including CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, MSNBC and The Huffington Post, just as Santilli’s was.  While these mainstream media outlets are free to report these protests, alternative media is being punished.  There is clearly a double standard developing that threatens freedom of free speech of online news sources. Also, documentary filmmaker Deia Schlosberg, is facing felony and conspiracy charges that could carry a 45-year sentence for filming at the protest.  Online media should be enraged and frightened that their standard of journalism is being targeted by the Government.
Edward Snowden tweeted about the breaking news: This reporter is being prosecuted for covering the North Dakota oil protests. For reference, I face a mere 30 years.
For those unfamiliar with the pipeline protests, the Standing Rock Sioux are seeking to halt the construction of a $3.8 billion pipeline saying its development will encroach on their tribal burial sites and taint their water supply at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.
The demonstrations in North Dakota have been ongoing for months. Native American advocates and environmentalists have protested the pipeline’s development in other cities and states, as well.
It remains to be seen whether the charges against Goodman, Schlosberg and other journalists covering the Standing Rock protests against the Dakota Access pipeline will stick.
But these cases highlight the increasing power, and risks, associated with online distribution for news stories covered by independents, and earlier missed by mainstream networks. Virality and independence, it seems, can attract prosecutorial ire.

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