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announced the Integrity Commission, on Friday, for the sentencing the director of the Iraqi Trade Bank and director of the bank 's branch Balharthyh in Baghdad Alosbakan, to Ahaddathma "serious damage to public property." The 
authority said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of which, " The branch manager trade Bank of Iraq TBI granting himself a loan of one million dollars , unlike the banking instructions with the knowledge and approval of the Director General were known integrity Commission for the issuance of a default judgment serving prison director general of the Iraqi Bank for trade TBI and director of the bank 's branch in Harthiya Alosbakan; the overriding functional their powers and they cause to cause serious damage to public property. "

The agency said that " the investigations department in the Commission reported an exhibition Speaking about thecase referred to the Court by the competent investigating judge of integrity issues, the issuance of a sentence to seven years ' imprisonment imposed on those convicted H.a.a director general of the Iraqi Trade Bank (TBI), (m. B.d) director of the bank 's branch in Harthiya Alosbakan. " 

She pointed to" the feet of the convicted (M.b.d) exploiting his career as the director of the branch of trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) in Harthiya and give himself a loan of one million dollars, on the pretext that one of the founders of thecompany civil competent air cargo and aviation, was signed on the treatment of the loan twice: first as a creditor and the second as a debtor , "indicating that" the investigation led to the violations , which the oldest by a convicted (M.b.d) had the knowledge and approval of the Director General of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce (TBI ) former (H.a.a) and also showed that Okiem real estate stocks, which put as collateral to meet the loan, it was much less than the loan granted to a convicted value, as well as the civil company 's failure to pay interest on the loan, theamount of damage to public money to reach more than million and a half million. " 

She said the Commission in a statement that" the court competent integrity issues and found the result available to its enhanced minutes of the investigative committee , composed in the bank evidence and recommended to download convicts full responsibility for the abuses and violations taking place in the treatment of the loan and the damage that mass public money, as well as presumption convicts escape from the face of justice, and convincing enough for convictions based on the requirements of Article 340 of the Penal Code. The court decided to rule on each of theconvicts sentenced to seven years, pro custody on their money movable and immovable property, giving the right hand of the affected request compensation if the acquisition of the decision become final judgment. "