News / Baghdad 
announced the president of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi, on Saturday, for his return to active duty as Deputy President of the Republic, while stressing the need to implement the constitutional article that define the role of thepresidency in the executive branch. 

Allawi said during a news conference at the coalition headquarters and Hsrth Alsumaria News, " the Federal Court has issued three weeks a decision deemed hereby request to cancel the vice President of the Republic sites is illegal and unconstitutional after by offering one of our brothers of the vice President a complaint to the Federal Court , " pointing out that "in spite of the victory of the Federal Court of the Constitution and the law , and we welcome that but the decision came too late. "

Allawi added, " I do not need to put on record here that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives bear full responsibility for what happened, because it made proposals about the alleged reform as a package rather than discussion," he said . "This is a dangerous precedent blew Council regulatory and legislative deputies tasks." 

He continued " I have shown the president Fuad Masum , and on the phone my reservations to return to practice my work and we agreed to meet was on the evening of last Thursday , "pointing out that" in consultation with the leaders of Accord Party and national coalition and a group of front reform leaders who share with them in the political visions, as well as with the coordinating Committee national People 's reform, was our views are identical if the core issues have been achieved. " 

Allawi stressed" the need to implement the constitutional article that define the role of the presidency in the executive branch, and to achieve national reconciliation , "pointing to" I decided to go back to doing my job as Vice President of the Republic to achieve unity . " 

the source of early detection, in (October 10, 2016), for a decision by the Federal Court declared unconstitutional Cancel posts of vice - President of the Republic, for violating the constitutional article.